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People that live in urban areas dread the warm weather. With warm weather comes more bad attitudes.  Demons don’t care how cold or how hot the friction comes with people who apparently have little self-control. Road rage is on the rise and Illinois has the highest everything including bread and cereal! My point we cut down I know more than half of the nonsense if  people take inventory of their homes. Protest is means of showing solidarity…but here is where people get confused… You can march until your shoes sweat this isn’t’ going to control demonic behavior in others.

And you think by now folks who stand against violence preach into action! If it sounds insulting then ask the people who have to deal with other folks screw ups in the communities. We sit and try to say all the right things so we stay in the public eye as concerned. How can concern can any community leader be…when they are afraid to take this thing by the root?

Lets start in the house and stop trying to blame the police and everyone else for what is a snag in the homes… rich or poor, educated or not educated.

It’s sad but today, many are voicing opinions instead of the truth. The family structure is jacked up… and urban society is milked by people who play the games by keeping people beholding to leaders who ain’t worth a garbage can full of flies! Tell the truth and then we can take the streets…How in God’s name can anyone take the streets and can’t govern their own homes?

People it’s a farce and always have been…


What progress is honestly made? The same positions the same results…When people need to really  answer simple truths and stick with it ! I know you love your people but love them enough to either put public nuisances out of your house and take control! You don’t need no one fleecing and sleeping with the sheep than providing strong leadership that requires that you speak the truth no matter what!  You wont get a bunch of nonsense but this makes ALL OF US ACCOUNTABLE AND RESPONSIBLE…No one wants to say good-bye in fear of not making it through a summer! REALLY?  How much are we willing to risk by being in denial about why the majority of our communities are falling apart! What’s in you house? Is the trouble worth keeping and protecting?

And people are alright with this craziness…. Get the violence out of your homes before it hits the streets!  I know some people act like they are afraid of their children? Ask questions! 

First, are you aware what’s going on inside your home? Are you one of those wanna be “cool parents” that “allow” nonsense and illegal activity to run your house? 

Secondly ask Little Jimmy, or Small Tammy, … Are you selling or using  drugs? You shouldn’t to ask if a child has a firearm in the house? If you know that family members have wrong affiliations its time you invite them to the exit doors in your house? What I can’t understand why so many get on national television and say their “people” are good people then the ultimate lies are then exposed! Stop protecting ill behavior it brings trouble back to your arenas! Why one think they are the redeemer… you aren’t! Some folks need not to be in your space. Poor parenting is major in this country. The choices of freedom are continued to be misled. That is why we have a generation that might be a little smarter but they are weak!  

Are you gang affiliated or hanging around those who you call friends!  What chores do they have? Is sitting in front of television or Internet their only option? Parents, you can’t complain or have the right to be angry when your child is shooting up other folks and not expect a level of retaliation sooner or later. It’s this kind of  ghetto buffoonery that absolutely blows my mind! What are raising and what are  you allowing to go on your watch.  

A lot of community leaders like to appear pristine and proper… but here is the deal…No one likes “thugs and criminals” lurking and abiding  in their rightful territories. Simple as that!  Hard talks are being avoided… People are fleeing the communities because the “vermin” are tearing up this country! It’s time to clean house and I mean house… I am not talking city streets I am speaking of everyone’s physical address…

Open up the doors and opens and start the new day by getting rid of the junk that is in the homes that protect criminals even if they are the people we love. Sooner or later blood will be on your door steps for all of you who make excuses… Your sons and daughters need more than the latest fashion they, need direction, common sense and sound guidance! A let me be clear  a job  and education is not the hindrance for thug life…Thugs have fronts to enable the life these choose to have!

The message hasn’t been clear enough… but on my watch is shall be…documented or undocumented!