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On yesterday I saw a video of a Correctional Officer in Illinois stomping a prisoner for no reason. His blatant abuse went excessive. I had to ask why is still employed?  And what makes me angrier is that I see abuse in so many arenas and no one has the testicular fortitude to call it out. I am fair in my stance when  so many are abused by others and people fail to step up to the place and rectify the matters.  I saw  how other prisoners moved out-of-the-way as if beaten was normal.  Do you have wonder why we have people who don’t trust the police , the church, and the government?  Regardless of how we want to look at some horrific situations. I must always be in a posture to go against  what is wrong behavior even it is within my family.  

People that really know me…knows that I hate abuse of any kind. I never make the church  a safe haven…In fact, the church is more dangerous for reasons  that people believe that the church wont abuse them and they take their guards down and they are often open prey! Appearances are deceiving and people are ignorantly following instead of knowing God for themselves. People who get abuse by church hurt then are turned off and blame God.

And because of my personal experiences with deviants in the pews and the pulpits. I stay on my watch to protect people. We have stop making leaders idols… and view them in Godly perspectives.  Although we  have to be welcoming but accountable and responsible. I don’t suck up stories and be led by emotions but we still have to be wise.

Church should be a recovery place but if we don’t tell people just how many can become worse by bad experiences with deviants and perverted views! The church can be easily swayed as being safe.  The other  danger if the church is not governed by pruning and leading a Godly manners you will have a church full of misfits who never bond with God but procreate on each other’s sins! That is why so many churches today looks like the world…although the world comes to church…the church dumb down and ignore  Godly standards…That’s why we have so much messiness and chaos!

I always include the church because here is another fantasy about who well they are ran. In fact, the church abuse is something so many have a hard time calling out. God doesn’t‘ go against integrity but so many fail to address so much trouble inside the church. How proud is God when personally  I have seen the ignorance, prejudices the ills and abuse of people who abuse their authority even in the church house or  organizations thats suppose to help people… For some reasons some of the most hateful people work in places that are suppose to assist the people! Not my practice and proud of it! I don’t want that kind of heart in my chest!

After this video, I then saw another video of a man who knocked unconscious and robbed and then rolled over by a cab.  Shaking my head was not my reaction but it hurt my heart. No matter how much good we look for I see more and more evil… I know there is no arena that doesn’t have bad apples. I think where much of my heartache come in …Because many are n positions to heal the human heart by rather step on for personal gain!

I have never seen so many  people who are so “mean-hearted”… and lack compassion for others. When I say…I am taken back at  what is so visible today. And its’ funny they think that I am strange that I love on people for a living and I find it strange that the lack of concern for others is almost shocking! One mention in my personal prayer closet the frightening number of people who perpetrate even in ministry that are so cruel in spirit. Try a little tenderness. I noticed that if you are too loving people often mistaken this for too weak, you will somehow appeared to easy-going.

Therefore, some people have these ignorant views … having to act hateful in order to be firm… Even God uses love to draw you, so why would anyone believe that acting tough means you are in charge and respect me . . It doesn’t hurt anyone to be kind!  Its’ okay to hug someone,  or help someone. There is nothing weak about love but it say a lot about hate… It never grows but destroys! Try a little tenderness!  I gain respect not by impressive resume, or what fame celebrities I know, or material things…

I gain respect because I rather love on them instead!