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What boggles my mind is the lack of structure,  human kindness, and simple respect. I am non violent until you hit me. I don’t care how much restraint anyone has but its more than the reflex but the simple fact is that someone is hurting me! I know as a minister what I am sold out to… I don’t conflict bible verses with mere common sense! I do and I will teach my children how to get you off of them if you ever decide to swing! There is nothing in me that is passive… I honestly believe that people who aren’t taught to fight back becomes more bitter in spirit and in the mouth!  

I  DO NOT advocate violence of any sort…but really I think this is one of the most misunderstood statements  made about Christ. Let someone act is if they are about to slug you one I would like to see how many will allow someone to strike them at today’s cost of getting health care!th (46)

I was a little person, not that tall and my quietness disturb some folks then and even today. My demeanor upsets people. I don’t get caught up in the tongue lashing and negative behavior I see even in ministry. Element of surprise when they see I am not afraid of them… I know when it’s time to get away from abusive environments that includes what one might call a house and not a home… A social club and not a real church! 

Some stuff I know is taken out of context from scripture because all they did was fight. War made up a considered percentage even if it’s in your head.I am and I will hit you back if need be necessary and will give you some go! David was a Warrior and so am I.  

I am not stupid enough to allow someone to beat me to death and I will have what will “Jesus Do Moment”… I have had some experiences and God had give me the strength of David on steroids. Don’t hurt me or abuse me!  If anyone choose to be a punching bag for another crazed human being… May God be with you! Today’s children are some ruthless monsters!  Bullying is something that didn’t break me but it made me a FIGHTER!!! For some it’s not this easy and I am not pretending that coping with this garbage is taken lightly. People who surround themselves with like-minded monsters are often chickens that wolf together…

I know  from recent personal experiences… as an adult I still have to deal with the gangs… they ain’t that sophisticated but grown bullies that have “major” mental health issues …I mean like Charlie Manson issues.

When a person is targeted for bullying… They will either get beat down so far and commit suicide, or come back to for you. No one knows another breaking point especially in  school today. When school officials and people in authority IGNORE that a person is being hassled.  Whatever evil spirit this is… it’s based out of sheer hatred, prejudices and jealousy!  I am waiting to see just how far laws needs to be placed about the seriousness of bullying can get. It was a problem when I was in school but today people are dying… being the villain or the victim.th (47)

I was sadden  to hear  this morning that a teenager  in Wilmington,,  Delaware  was savagely beaten  in the bathroom by some mean girls in her High School …hit her head on a sink and died!  I was furious that this crap still goes on! People refuse to believe “cruel people” raise cruel children. Whether you enable or coddle the behavior!  Acting tough and being tough is two different things. One doesn’t have look the part but be the part by having courage to stand up to negative behavior. Our country is riddled with negative behavior and we wonder why the people are ANGRY,  BITTER AND VIOLENT? What better recipe for violence when every kind of evil call cliques or gangs get together to attack people they dislike. Whats the difference between hatred  groups all over  this country?

Ask yourself what environment are you setting? Is it love or dysfunction, chaos or confusion?  What exactly are you  raising or reproducing? Cowards are cliques and cliques are cowards.