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We are seeing the outpour of love for Prince after he passed away on yesterday! And I think how wonderful it is to see someone so loved after he dies!

Sadly, when a major spotlight is on a person that dies they say the most wonderful things. However, as long as Prince was alive he was met with  certain levels of opposition for being “Different”… As extraordinary as he was …He didn’t care for the  press or media and wanted to be left alone. He lived music and did what he was designed to do!

If we as people can tap into this same feel when people are alive! Go about our business, say and do the right things in the ideal world. It’s as if the world can only come together on pain!

As I look around some of us who were around when Prince started… who once had the tight skin, and the dangerous curves… are now wearing glasses and squinting more and taking a little longer to get out of bed. (LOL)  Some people had wonderful lives and lived… but someone like  myself who was a late bloomer… Had to grow up fast and miss being a child, because of adult responsibilities…I did more taking care of others than I did myself.  When our eyes start to open… we haven’t really lived but lived for others!

Getting older is apart of life’s journey.  I had to come to the reality that its time to live. Too many don’t know how to live because of what one has surrounded themselves with.  I will never forget my deceased, Aunt Sylvonia, who told me life is seen so much different when you have someone with you to ride the storms out.  

I  reflect on that because she and I were so close and did so many things together . You  begin to  look around and the people who was intricate part of your life is now gone ti put life into perspective.

I remember people who knew my Aunt, all said the same thing while she was alive!  She was a joy to be around… She was a builder of people, and cared very little for messy people. She never shared her two abusive marriages . Being married to highly recognized physician in Ohio that was abusive and she left him with  her son, a few clothes, and television for him. But what hurt me terribly,  I never had a clue about the second marriage that  was almost deadly. I found out when someone came and I said,..he beat my Aunt in public for the first time because it normally goes on at home. She was by then a senior citizen… leaving her with TWO black eyes and stomped her in front of her friends!

People that knew her was shocked that she kept quiet about being in a domestic violence situation all her adult life!  She was one of the most joyous person you’d ever like to meet but she kept a dark secret that kept her from living. So, she put her on best mask in public.  All this time I thought she was living but she was really dying. I shared my story because,  as much as I wanted to live life to the fullest…I was hindered by my past! The light bulb came on for me and I had to  snatch my life back from some previous hurts and pains. Life can sucked out of you often times through people.  I try to live a toxicity free life of people, places and things.

I learn to say good bye instead of waiting for the day… The day come comes when  respond. I don’t let negativity keep me in a stagnate position. Those that will love unconditionally, and the same with evil it is also unconditionally. It’s what I choose to will dominate me!

I often ask God is too late? 

Things can quickly turn around when you take off the rose-colored glasses and breathe without them on…And say today, is new and God’s gift to me… There is nothing that he and I can’t handle!