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I have heard the stories..even from men who are rogues will warn his so call “brothers” the danger of telling people all of their  business and sharing to get input and they use it as a weapon.  Baiting and bashing works almost in the same way…except one will fish to get information to attack you with by playing a victim. A gossiper has been doing this for centuries…I have heard of abuse of this kind in  a lot of places including different ministries… People are vulnerable to tell people things and use it as leverage.

First lesson 101  My mother told me about when dealing with messy folks! That talking too much and the danger of inviting people to  the share party. It’s  a very old trick still has power… it’s dangerous and it border lines on occultism practices. It’s a way you lay your head in the lap of enemy and they cut your hair off. It happened Samson…and it could very well happen to you People are in pain and desperate to unload personal issues and situations. So many get hurt in church this way and become bitter because they thought they were in a safe haven… but it turns out to be enemy’s den! 

Someone came to me and told me she went to a retreat and within the retreat they wanted intimate details of her marriage. I  asked …Why in God’s name would someone from a church needs to share their private information with anyone including their  Pastor? This is when people go wrong they let their guards down to only be taken!

A youth told me she was once asked to tell of her business that were led by a husband and wife… As deviant as they were I knew the couple to be quite maniacal and   demonic. How hateful the couple was blew my mind that they were pumping young people for information about their lives… some shared medical conditions and personal problems at home. When I got wind of this kind of garbage going on in ministry.  I knew what this was!  I was flabbergasted that they were allowed to do anything because their attitude riddled with trouble making!  Deviants like this are placed in ministry but abused authority in the worst way. Information is swapped and traded… Easily intimidated by people who spot the abuse. they were actually leading something. The couple had terrible attitudes .

 I witness some of their behavior first hand.  Talk about ignorant on so many levels. His wife was  one of the nastiest  jealous hearted female I had  ever encountered … and had the nerve to run a prayer ministry…Something was rotten in the cotton!  I don’t want too close and they people who follow these kinds of people fear true authority or people who peep out their game. I warn people to stop giving ANY CHURCH… all of your business.  

When I see what leads the charge and how personal information is shared inappropriately it ANGERS ME! Churches set themselves up for  lawsuits because of the lack of checks and balances creating these “rogue” ministries. Sometimes leaders aren’t aware but choose people who are serious troublemakers. This is why the church is losing ground when it comes to Godly integrity.  This can bite them where it hurts and not to mention the embarrassment.

There is NOW THIS GREAT  disrespect to God when messiness  has become apart of the church method of operations. Yet, this kind is apart of the devil’s itinerary.  It separates and  abuse people.  

I know from the world’s stand point the danger of sharing intimate information only to be used against you.  I am not that “trusting” because I can see the game! I warn about these so-called “retreats” are often a place to seize input or a place for the weak to be taking advantage of. I know the damages after people who told too much and repercussion that they are now turned off and can’t trust the church and what leads it!

 Being this foolish open the door for the enemies to take you off your square. People of this sort look for the simple or the weakest link to take them down…out of fear and jealousy  knowing things about them narcissistic-ally elevates them! It’s a sick world. And we have to train and teach our own to be more wise  and discern when trouble can appear nice and sometimes they are individuals that one might call family or even brother.  They even pretend to have the same interest to annihilate any plans of the future . Many will drain the life out of ou and pull you back so you wont ever be your best  or get to the best.

They can only help you self destruct by investigating where are you most vulnerable… they can pretend they are concerned and then  details are shared and they arr equip. I don’t train people to be foolish about what is a danger in any arena…not  studying our opponent by being gullible!

Pay attention to what enemy might dine on…It just might be your future!