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Some recent Chicago Pastors have been allegedly accused of sexual assault. Of course, we those nitwits that rally behind that their pastor  is good until they get around money and children.  Just the thought that we have some nastiness among us is hard to bear…The state  of the human mind not think that we have we perverted pastors. Who will rape or sexual abuse those that they can bring them closer to God.

No doubt like another well-known Bishop who thirst for  young boys”. It was told for years that his church was full of men… I had never paid attention. I just knew he couldn’t preach… and that was overlooked. It never added up for me although, I would watch him on television.  I saw something and it was ignored… but when it came out . I was questioned and I kept my mouth closed because I saw the DANGER…

He wasn’t there and I never connected that he was preying on the young and tender… I stood fast to what  I saw and the truth came out. It divided leaders because he was rich and owned his DARKNESS.

The members that stayed after the scandal… quoted scriptures, praise their freaky pastor… I knew then that ministry for me…what definitely going to be challenging with the religious people instead of those who were mature and relational.  

Can I entertain you? Can I make you feel good to put those dollars in the plate? Can I bring in the best to keep the Parishioners happy?…Can I shout around until I have no more soft and dry! Can I express myself without taking psyche meds? Can we keep the church going by adding a little world to appeal for better fund-raising?  Never or hardly ever to do hear things like TRUTH, LIFE AND LIGHT…

Sermons are made  cautious to  make sure quotas are met just in case  you tick someone off… by not  making them uncomfortable but soothing them to embrace you and never God. Being uncomfortable makes people get up not sit down…Leaders fear this! Often there aren’t that many strong messages that is why many keep coming back…You didn’t offend them enough to arrive at their season to go about and change others! Our assignments are never meant to keep hostages for religion…but to agitate them enough to fly… not stay with you…but to become JUSTICE GIANTS… LIKE YOU!

Like so many who grew up in their traditional religion and beliefs, whether I know what it is… I can bet most of it is based on lies and flesh.  Too many go to church blindly.  After some terrible experiences in the world I learned the hard way that the church  is not that better. Each time my life with God got better my eyes became enlighten with so many misconception of what God is and what is bible. My heart was disappointed in so many ways when so many told me what God was and I found out that many don’t believe in God or the supernatural. In fact, many can’t handle too many supernatural experiences this is embarrassing to them…So, they follow God for a smidgen the rest is FLESH, AND MAN MADE DOCTRINE WITH NO BIBLICAL TRUTHS!

 I am honest enough to say …I was sold more on garbage than bible. The more my “eyes” came open the more wayward behavior I saw, and the more persecution from church goers not necessarily GOD LOVERS.

Although, I had structure but the reality came when many didn’t even practice what they preach…and we were going to HELL FOR EVERYTHING!  TODAY, the competition is fierce…who has the biggest butts, who can shout bra less, who has the nastiest pole dancers, ..sorry I meant praise dancers!  When I had to realize the “games” … I had to stop and reassess why do what I do. I will admit it can be a lonely  place but I am free.  I didn’t want the traditions of anything…All because we did them didn’t make it the truth!

Why so many leaders lead fraudulent lives and get in ministry because often is it easy prey…The harsh reality we will pay for it seven times worse because we  should first lead by example instead of telling lies and leading lies as our witness!  Too often people  go to church and take their guards down even when there is no sincere love for God and anything goes…This is why we are seeing less progression in spiritual maturity. The church coddled and babysits instead of being the constant experience of  being productive. We see generational bench troublemakers instead of graduating agents of change.

Too many leaders get  “god complexes” because the people feed their egos instead of their empty spirits!  When someone is within certain lines of ministry doesn’t make you special but with certain calls and commissions is why so many are in so much warfare. When one can’t be vocal about all injustices in the pulpit or  in the world is already sold out to the world. God doesn’t have to limit his speech which so many are doing today. NO LIKES on FACE BOOK, so can’t handle if the pews get  empty. But no ever thinks if the pews are empty I have touched and pricked the hearts. Not trusting that their job is done because they stay. This is a  misconception about the faithful church goer…That he or she is getting something…When they continue to follow a person more than God there is always the at risk at that one owns the people and forget about God…he or she is their God!

I warn people these are mere human beings they have flaws. Just like courthouse and the hospital … you are liable to see anything and everything…The only difference should be our approach about how we handle things in the church house. Rape  makes so many uncomfortable and  we don’t’ want to talk about religious leaders and rape in the same sentences! We have perverted pastors that seek places where there are more feebleness and the church leads the charge.  I had no other choice but to get out of denial …When we were told the test of a church one day. When a spiritual mentor express his grief that a pastor preached an entire sermon on a soul food dinner and the people got up and started shouting and praising God. It angered him how ignorant some churches were! I have to ask what is the purpose of the church if it doesn’t represent firstly the TRUTH… Secondly, where are the cries for injustices  from within the church? Thirdly, you can examine where the church really is based on what they deem as treasures!   If someone you know has a struggle because of being violated in the church… Make a police report…do not allow the rogues to sit among us.  We know sometimes the church creepies…sit next to us and people talk but they wont tell!

There are many organizations that will stand and support you including THE SNAP NETWORK…who help people who have sexually assaulted by clergy. Its time we take the limits off of exposing the evils including inside the church. God doesn’t condone sexual deviants and criminals inside the church although many leaders go along with perverted behaviors! Don’t remain silent get help!