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I was sent actual pictures of a mother’s son  in his own blood after a failed armed robbery. Oh no!  The element of surprise  was a shot-gun from the stores owners who are well versed in their dying community.

His dead body was posted on FACE BOOK of all places with guns in hand…He and his buddy robbed another store the night before… The mother got on television and start spinning her story on how great her kid was and that he had challenges.

… I am like… What if the situation was reversed he was charged with murder?  What if your son had an established history and murdered someone’s husband, or son?

I know she had to tell America  how good her troubled son was. The same story, fatherless homes, lack of education and money and among other things. Her struggles so many children later.

She would  go on to say, it was all a misunderstanding about her life. And the reality if we struggle with one child, why do you continue to set yourselves up for more stress and struggles?

People this kind of mentality “swells” me…and we got some ignorant liberals that go along with coddling criminals. Everything is a hardship except reality. Better choices  even if we have made mistakes…The wrong isn’t going to make life right until we position ourselves even in the midst of chaos…violence isn’t going to make life better but worse. Although much of the mentality in urban areas are job and education is going to cut down violence or circumvent what is apparently a serious dysfunction in many homes today.  Think about this? Here is why I know these are excuses! Have you noticed that mentality to watch what is violent and or what might be more educational…

What is chosen as the option? We have the Internet, but what do the choose to do than educate themselves is war on Face Book.  Yes, we are exposed to more than ever but still one has a choice if it is his or her environment. It doesn’t seem to stop the influx of attaching themselves to labels, what they call rich and famous. Everyone wants to be connected and that is really what breeds many of these rogues. It’s either the act or the fantasy. And don’t get this twisted… Many of the so-called leaders of today… mentality is about the same…What is popular than what is necessary and what is correct behavior!

It is …what it is?  I hear this nonsense so much but we yet, to have strong community leaders that tell the people to just STOP IT…AND ADDRESS IT!

Her son was in a pool of  blood… and it was in a store I warned my people to stay out of because for someone reasons  the lifeless seems to hang out and hang around and gather with no purpose! 

I believe America is so morally bankrupt until everything as become more twisted. Right is wrong, and wrong is right. There is so much freedom to whatever until boundaries are now invisible.

A mother’s plea”always” on a television expressing how wonderful their son or daughter is…  that their  child was innocent, had issues  and a target until she finds out they are serial killers. Even then I feel for a mother  because something misfires when you are in constant denial from crib to the grave… But the reality still exists that they have abused, maimed, or killed people. And there is some fool attacking what is right all because they “loved them so much. Well if you love someone who hard until you miss the truth… and I can tell so many that do this…the truth is going to overwhelm you until it kills you! I speak of denial on a regular basis because people are very serious about protecting their monsters…

Why are we always lying about how bad it really is especially with people we love?

The reality about a lot of gang affiliations that many are serial killers. They are never seen in that light because of what? Unless one of your loved ones is robbed, murdered or become a victim to the “thug” life. I  am personally trying to understand the DENIAL… The confrontation of the pain that a person, we either loved or respected in some warped way they are good people but have hurt someone or other people.  The laws in this country today, makes me believe that everyone was out smoking something or under the influence! Chicago made some “huge” mistakes by being in denial in how police handles matters and how evil was ignored. This still is never justifiable reason to target people for crimes. Lately, what boggles me is that too many are having passionate parties for individuals who have done the wrong things including every manner of business “especially” in Chicago.

Politics are dangerous because of the soul times and the commitment to one’s agenda!  Whether it’s right and the truth. Politics with time overlooks how bad it was years ago…and we have some actually “glorify” why one may become a criminal. I hear what they say about why we have so much violence but the stem of violence if often out households who fail to set boundaries in their lives.  Yes, life can happen but what is a precursor?

The mentality! To become violent is a choice!

There are untold stories about hardship and they didn’t take the city streets with murder and mayhem. Let me tell you what is  becoming more and more terrifying… Is when it’s wrong and people make excuses for it…so people and systems start to believe in a lie instead of the truth church is also included… You see who bad it is …but then the rebuttals of why it wrong and why one should do this or that…What happens to  people who are victims? Do we consistently ignored wrong?  Our nation has become less respectful and lawless!  

No matter if evidence is one’s face…lies whirl. People who  are total denial  try to ease their conscious with good deeds, this wont change the truth!  I listen how one tries to put the spins on the truth. And that disturbs me on different levels.  What I know is that we are living in perilous times and we can’t trust people to do the right things. And we have to learn to cover ourselves! .

The lies will be covered up …on ignorant the people who follow them, and  how popular they are. You can have proof and the truth. Some how it’s going to be “twisted” in their hearts and mind. Too much truth isn’t popular that is why our world is getting eat alive with lies…

Even if we all were body camera  up someone with corrupted clout will come with a bunch of excuses why!