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One Friday night I dreamed that a relative was marching in place…and he went into some kind of withdrawals.  He started screaming and holding his stomach. The dream disturbed me greatly so that I was awaken to just pray for him.

And vividly I  remember  that Saturday morning he called and asked me to pray for him and asked if wanted to go lunch… I agreed… I looked at him and I knew there was a problem and I knew it was serious and it could be pills…Out of no where he admitted that he was trying get off the pain pills without help but I knew he needed more help than weaning himself… He the n admitted that he was up all night  his stomach and body riddled with pain. There was my dream… I  told exactly where he was in his basement…He was shocked… He said yes… so he wouldn’t wake up his roommates. th (15)

He and another friend of his who is also deceased   has become involved in a a church scandal after  misusing a lot of church money that his friend inherited.

My relative has stop speaking and became  furious with me when I refuse to speak at his church…  I knew something was off.  I  kept my distance before I had the dream. Too many things kept me unsettled with him. Although he was in the medical profession.  I knew this was his avenue of getting more drugs.

Needless to say so many things came up wrong and he was always switching hospitals to work for.  I saw the highs and the lows with depression but I spotted his games long before he decided he shared finally of his addiction…  

There are alleged claims that  Prince had a  pain pill addiction for 25 years. There has been a serious influx of  pill addictions and they are not always younger in age… Middle aged people with chronic pain often start out with opiate drugs, like Oxycontin, morphine, and codeine.th (14)

Why are so many people hooked on prescription pain pills? Law enforcement have seen a rise of this addiction and are made to carry Narcan because of  this consistent rise in overdose.

 And we see the noted rise on heroin  which people reduce to because of price….  Please watch and take what the information seriously.

These videos could explain it a bit better!