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image4“IF A WOMAN DOES WHAT A WHORISH MAN DOES,  BLATANTLY HER NAME WOULD BE IN  WASHINGTON D.C BEFORE SHE EVEN ARRIVES..She is a slut!  If man displays this same way he is considered a stud or made mistakes. SWINGING FROM PILLAR TO  POST ARE NOT STABILIZERS MARRIED OR SINGLE”. People have become too desensitize when it comes to negative human behavior  as being as promiscuous  is a badge of  honor along with babies  

Let me be the first to burst the bubbles of a pair of Apple bottom jeans and push up bras. It never finds love this way but lust. Love can’t being substantiated based on what appears tasty from the outside. On the real…

That is why divorce is on the rise many went home with someone who they hardly knew.  NO, that’s not why one cheats but there are variables to set yourself up for trouble!

I agree having pretty people as spouses  might be a factor but not the shouldn’t be the only one.  Looks only goes so far.  I ask…What else?

Clothes come off, he finds that extra inch or those brittle bones… You take off the bra pads and tissue paper falls out ..and you didn’t have a cold… You remove the extra hair and eyelashes… and we ask where is the house pet? 

Sounds hilarious… a pile of you are left alongside the bed!

If I must advertise myself like the “new slave trade” often times it will be on a surface what he or she  gets not the real deal! Cosmetics sets marriages up to fail. And I am sucker for clean-cut and smell good. But I know better…Devils wears Prada!

If a man chooses a woman on her looks  as soon as her looks fade what happens? 

If what pumps our boy children that being a stud… to not make sure he isn’t some homophobic slur…  His rites of passage is to degrade her. From disrespecting her by degrading her with your lust.

He is considered someone how less than a man if he isn’t scoping out mannequins at a  department store. He is not told to behold and respect her beauty but he  taught to watch her “booty”. He is  considered a man if he  taps everything in sight with eyes or his body.

And take a look at the absentee fathers  especially within the  African-American community! Not a pretty sight but its never challenged or protest to stop this kind of behavior to enhance family values. This state of denial is what keeps the merry go around …a whole lot of something do absolutely nothing!

What dumbness this is? Although it annihilates family values and structures. He wants to be called a man with children that he hardly knows or supports!

As healthy conscious as we are to be… we never think that being a “player” is unhealthy. Strains of venereal diseases which is getting more hard to cure.  The consistent unprotected sex because babies are everywhere and so are single parenting.  

I don’t care how much money, educated what you drive…Nothing turns my gut more than a “slut”.

If  you think I am speaking only about women think again! If anyone gets around swapping DNA… it’s disgusting. Some things in our lives should be kept confined and that bodily fluids.  

Lets, keep it real when women go out their way to entice and look good to be looked at. And like have told so many women… When you get into altering yourself like a show pony… No matter how beautiful you are you can be side swiped with a cheating spouse.  If a man really likes you he claims you… Men are very visual…but visuals wont hold a marriage and family together.  I am very vocal about whorish behavior male or female. Too much is on the line today to being sexually promiscuous not to mention how unhealthy it is!  I am particular and I have to remain that way…I require something. If I start altering my body just to looked upon…sorry, you are already at a loss!

You cam be a supermodel, with top brass figures behind your name …it doesn’t exempt anyone from being cheated on. For anyone to find out that their spouse has been unfaithful the effects are devastating in a marriage. Many have revived marriages after such death… But certain lines can cross I honestly have to say…I’M OUT!  

Every marriage is different and some can withstand even infidelity… Taking your clothes off has nothing to do with a mistake but just sheer  lust!  If you love this person and in this so-called committed relationships what’s up with slip up?

Often times people know when something is going in the wrong directions and some are actually thrill that they destroy marriages! I will admit I don’t think I could recover from that kind of betrayal.  I can’t ignore that my husband is sleeping someplace else…What is there to ask God about what is apparent in my face?  

Some women marry “whores” thinking that they are going to change them… I  say if you don’t want more trouble stay away from any man who cannot respect you or practice self-control. Roaming eyes and rushing fingers… are definite no, no’s if you are looking for strong stable marriages!

I am still shocked at what great lengths women go through to get a man.  I guess I might be a little out of touch with reality…I honestly can’t understand why would a female prowler or be on the search for a man. If he finds you …he finds you…Too much aggression is why so many are having countless relationships that are empty.  I know things happen but infidelity is one of those things that we continue to smooth over! A woman can add a foot of hair… three pillows to her backside all for the attention of getting NOTHING!  If it takes all of that to go home with nothing you will stay broken-hearted and at a loss. 

As much as we say we like to bring this country together and one small overlook factor is the family thing! I share that marriage is for “mature adults”… it has to be based on that  more  sex and looks!  Hot bodies might mean empty heads! People love the thrill of being married but wont work when they are married. Everything should always start at 100 percent …not half and half… A huge misconception for people who act like they are cutting a deal in a marriage…Give me three children, with your name and then I ‘ll remarry and get another side of dogs…It’s nuts!

The mentality in this nation has deteriorated and I never thought I sound like what people call me “old-fashioned”… I correct them…Old fashioned with class!   I mean more to me than some bumps and grinds… I got too much going on to be in the after glow  and ignore the signs of cheating. Infidelity destroys.  Marrying the wrong person is still not the reason to cheat. So some situations can be avoided if we just be honest. When one spouse dips out on the other it’s because they  wanted to. Sometimes we can also set ourselves up for infidelity was my point.

Life has a journey and I prefer to finish my tour of it…. peace, joy, great health and prosperity in every area of my life including my marriage! We are missing it.

I am not an advocate for my better half… I advocate the beauty of being one! It’s called the enhancement technique…no halves here!