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I understand tough times abased or abound… I was birth out of obscurity that would have killed the average person. I might appear to be a strong woman but all glory goes to God who kept me during some serious hard times in my life. His strength was made perfect when in my  times of weakness. That’s it. ..that’s all!!! What I knew and continued to practice until I perfected that was being ME!

 I am not perfect, so therefore, I am in the raw which is risky but it’s worth it!  I am not going to hide me, or pretend to have it all together…that produces a fake and insanity! 

 I cannot perfect role-playing it doesn’t work for me and you will easily see it in my face.  I am not an actress but I can hold a tune!  I am really gifted in so many ways until I don’t think I have completely tapped in all the treasures that God has placed inside of me. And to be around dead things will only hinder me!  This when we process what is most important and eliminate.

Middle aged, I had to prune because if things in life aren’t’ taken care of …it dies!  I am not a stray dog or cat… I repeat,…I am not a stray dog or cat! But I am beautifully “sculptured” by God for a purpose!

The best nourishment in this temple we have is to prune ourselves from people, places and things that are  toxic and it might be with what you are addicted to or what you live with. God sends us back into the land of dry bones to speak life.  Even after speaking such life… the bones will have to want to live…or the marrow will be drained by the vultures that pull you back and that keep you walking among the living dead.

When I speak living dead… People can be around something so bad for them until it grows on them and they think nothing of it…Until, their eyes are open and the most painful is to believe you have been in the right direction and played the wrong games!

I don’t emulate because it requires acting and pretending. Something I have never had the pleasure of doing. And don’t care to be involved in it!

Life doesn’t pause because one is faced with challenges, no fancy accolades or degrees can quite capture the things God allows that can catapult you into new HEIGHTS.  My courage is real but so are doubly my fears. As I age, I have more to care about so, I  choose wisdom instead!

I know I am different… and I own it!

Where are you? Many are asking…To where it really matters you might get a response and for the rest I am not trying to be bothered. Only a few calls are genuine and the rest are being nosy …and that’s about right! I see people with another set of lenses and that is why I keep my personal circle small.

 I will admit I didn’t bump heads but I make people uncomfortable.  I deliver the truth and I ask questions. I ask the questions not that often I don’t know the answers but to get an idea of where you are. During life rough patches I have no other choice but to pay attention. When you deal with people you will have. to always adjust your strategies because a lot of games are being played in the name of God, love and power to the people!

And for those who couldn’t get a grasp on their funks, of either being jealous or not coming to grips with their lies and distorted truths and or dysfunction. I can’t waste another minute!  Many things disturb me about Chicago’s dirty politics, some religious leaders and organizations, and a few other things that I wont bother to mention. I’m not tired of doing what I was born to do but I choose my time wisely now days. I can take my post quietly and still come out strongly!


It’s not about my grievance against this person or that person.  As much as I would like to be involved community affairs and politics. Then  some other personal crap seems to take precedence for standing for what is right and what is real. I am embarrassed how so many have set the tone just on mere popularity and for personal gain. Even if they knew things weren’t done in a professional and a truthful manner! 

When I got into community outreach, social justice…  it was who I was! Helping people sincerely is my call and my commission. Some people get involved to be seen. That’ not my choice, people saw me! I got involved because I can place my face on any situations in someone’s disparity.  I had to come to grips that there are some who are sincere about what they do and then fall prey to the powers that be including the church. 

 I am not acting , nor do I have to pretend to gain something for being a servant of God. This is the major thorn in many religious organizations everything leads but Jesus! What situations I have ever faced in life taught me to grateful and respectful even in a world that actually glorifies self, and dysfunctional.  

My heart is in it. And I think I have had enough of community activism and things like that because no boundaries aren’t set. I believe what I once had a dire love for is now the stranger.   I am not going to go along to get along…not my method of operandi!  But I have to be free to live and that is telling people the truth and me living the life that I am always talking about. The good , the bad and even the ugly! Every day will end but to live on purpose and with vision you have keep moving forward and sometimes that is cutting out what I want and  to do the stress less things I NEED!