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It’s almost sick that so many overlook what goes on all because he is the pastor.  People follow the charade. He is deemed in the public eye  as this great person until a darker side is shown.

Even then, the ignoramuses act like being an abuser, crook and this mere oversight that it’s a rites of passage is to have dip offs within the church is normal.  The “Pastor “I guess preaches the gospel and then beat the hell out you is shameful but acceptable because parishioner sit in the midst of these so-called spirit filled sissies. All of his “heads” are swollen. And then the “god complex” begins!

Age has nothing to do with when a leader is immature… I have seen this so many times … that men like this  lead  women on to think that they are the one when he has no good intentions of dealing with her this sets rivalry and divisiveness among the silly women! This is  apart of  flattery and ego. The love the adornment that woman are fawning over them and he can look like KING KONG… He  sets the atmosphere for abusive to happen whether it’s him or the women that want him!

 So  it’s then she latches on to someone who wont validate her sanity but set  abusive behavior  in motion instead!  That is why maturity, accountability and being responsible should be apart of any leaders character! When its absent you see the jealousy 10 times stronger because they are not chosen! 

The fool women are flattered that pastor paid them some attention instead of getting rid of  this joker and tossing him out on his you know what! He  he held as the “stud” .  Until either two things occur… Either he comes up dead, or  someone who he abused! 

When the church is made up of mostly women it’s already a desperate competition because of the addiction to being seen as a power trophy. I try  not to vomit when I see the craziness but this is what’s happening if the pastor is single or married!

I have seen women married  full of the same jealous rage and still there is cattiness and envy  among the women folk! I agree its sound so stupid but guess what it goes on! When single pastor has a “maim love” don’t think people don’t talk and sabotage to destroy her including his inner circle that sets this kind of messiness in motion. He is clueless and all smiles he adored until he meets the lists of the church nut jobs vying to be the first lady.

 And often times no offense  “men are so simple”  and it become so deadly with  the bickering and jealousy it sets the atmosphere for something he never saw coming…He is being a man!  

The pastor needs to be little more discipline and walk in another level of self-control. Today the behavior to be adored even if they look and not touch is the mentality. Boundaries don’t have to be crossed because they were “never” set.  God never wants this pitiful behavior to go on. Lucifer was also charming but deadly!  Idol worshiping in this form always proven deadly.  

I know some of the most saddening stories is to hear when someone is in love with someone who abuses them. Whether its mental, or physical you got to know when someone is just bad for you! When the love is one-sided you are already at a loss. People play with hearts is and has always been a dangerous game. I have heard women say, she can get him together… I say go for it. If his transformation none worthy enough to a committed relationship without the added abuse.  LEAVE!  

There is nothing God can’t replace…some people aren’t worth loving.  Some men like to fight and then make up!  I don’t think I need to fight to see love! I don’t think I need a right hook to my dome and I am more in love. He may not have started that way but it always end tragically. There are some sick men and especially  if a Pastor is popular. His secrets are hidden instead of asking the brother to get some help and stand up with  the one he has abused. Sorry folks it hardly ever goes like that. Star athletes can be beat one to death, the public finds a way and make him the victim and the one that charges him the villain! Sadly, you can abuse or rape women if you got money people tend to overlook that one thing! I am appalled how so many go along with this nonsense but the do! Domestic violence among religious leaders are never talked about but swept under the rug …until the victim has had enough and he is going to see the king…What kind is another question!  

That’s if you can see after he has placed numerous knots on your head. I shared with someone I think whats even more tragic when someone is so desperate that they stay with people who could care less about love and they stay anyway! So many reasons why married women stay in domestic violence situations as if the woman is single! 

Pastor Brandon Parker,  of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia was murdered by his girlfriend outside of her home. Another alleged history of being domestically inclined can back to haunt  him! Parker is said to be the late singer Otis Redding grandson. The shocker that there was an alleged history about him being abusive. And because he was deem a “blatant star” in the county maybe he lacked being respectful toward women is why we are here again! Women will get tired and playing with a female’s emotion isn’t going to win  you stud of the year…but either a tag on your toe or in court! 

My point has already been given!

The history didn’t lie people did…Just like star athletes of yesterday who was known to beat a woman down, you have yet to hear those who say anything. They are somehow heroes! It is this warped behavior and thinking that keeps women behind bars for settling the score!  Pastors abuse spiritual authority all the time but who is going to rock the boat.  I will!  I know too much garbage go on in the church house. It’s a gossip Peyton Place that wreaks with coming disasters if we don’t start narrowing down on unbecoming behavior even if he or she is a pastor!

Whether he is  a celebrity or someone who is public figure every one seems to overlook that they are abusers! They need to be held accountable just like the police! Its terrible when we have become so desperate to call someone pastor even if he is dirty what in the world can he give to the world if he has no level of God in him. Being respected by man and that can come with anything. I ask every leader DOES GOD REALLY LIKE YOU ?   OR LETS GO FURTHER…DOES HE RESPECTS YOU?

Our prayers and condolences  for the church  and the families in the midst of the confusion and chaos. Let there be peace!