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You know I am not a lost for words what is “Glorified” in this country like violence and our way of dealing with conflict. One minute we praise peace  in our actions we tell the world just strike, fight and kill!

I respect poetic license but at what expense I respect a high road even when you are dealing with a toad!

Advocating him and Becky isn’t going to make you feel better even if you thought he really loves you!  Maybe God will give you Brian while he runs with Becky! All jokes aside a broken heart is a broken heart! Even if you make money selling records about pain… The law still works and lawsuits works even better! Being a mindset that revenge is glamorous. Real life situations can become dangerous because of hurt and betrayal! 

It’s not cute that you have to hit someone, or bust his car windows out or run your mouth that he is sleeping around.  Easy said than done! Putting up with this kind of foolishness is painful and embarrassing!  Who know more than I being pushed to that brink! At times as much as want to keep a calm head… when someone we share our lives with …hurt us! There is a lot of responsibilities that comes with marriage.  I am not going to become a blatant porn star because the idiot can’t keep it in his pants.  I will keep a great divorce lawyer on retainer, spare myself anymore embarrassment because I married  a slut man and thinking I am going to “run the world” by posing and posting myself as a woman scorned. 

The best revenge is to just moving on with someone who will love you instead of pimping your emotions!

Women can alter their boobs and butts forever, a whore will be a whore! If I am altering anything in my life it has to start with the low down spouse! If you stay you stay… Social media leads the gossip and feed so much personal drama with who the “other woman” is …

Lets admit this …when you have a spouse that can respect you and love   you right that’s all that matters!  But the reality is you can be rich, famous and gorgeous and still get messed over!

That’s why GIRL POWER HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SKIN TONE OR THE TEXTURE OF YOUR HAIR.  I advocate change for me FIRST and that rocks from within. Not punching his windows with a baseball bat or hitting him with a brick! Stay focused because I know that who couldn’t love you right or appreciate you…will set you up for the one who can! And you don’t have to do a total makeover trying to keep him! He will take you with ponytails and baseball caps! He will help lose the weight, and he even might bring you a meaty slice of pizza! 

I just told God to give me the wisdom to stay true my conviction. No one seems to be more beauty conscious than women and then it gets more competitive and set this environment we are not good enough unless we alter ourselves!

 Hey!  I am at that age that I am going through the change of life…that’s enough altering!icedtea

Expect the change in  to be just sweet tea and  lemonade. It taste good with the sugar. No matter how health conscious we are sugar has no chemicals…I love sweet tea and lemonade without all the ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS! Add lemon even to ice tea off centers so much sugar but it creates balance! Too much sugar keeps you believing nothing bad can ever happens!

 Think about life that same way! Even the bitterness we can alter it tastes naturally and without all the superficial ingredients! Take the bitter with the sweet is all I am saying… it will work out just fine!