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If I had a dollar for when someone said “I love you or I am concerned”  but  then their actions took center stage and finally you got to see how much love is there and being concerned wasn’t even on the option button.  

Now I know!  I spend first little time with people who take self-indulgence to another level. If they thought they were going to be left out is the only time they show up and even then they got an agenda! We know people like this much as we want to love them their truth come dwindling through! It’s all about them!  Yes, its narcissistic! 

I remember someone said she was giving me a birthday present but it has so many strings attached that I called her and gave back. I didn’t even dismantle the gift out of the box because I was told that my gift will have to help her when she needed! This will help her on her expenses! I had asked?  I thought this was “my” birthday present? And she actually thought she was generous!

I know some wealthy people who still have poverty spirits. And I  know people who struggle that is so rich in their giving until they get back double from God all the time! 

I saw the stinginess and it blew my mind!  What angered me more she actually though she was a given person and she is another claimed to be Christian. th (36)

Sadly, and yet again… selfishness  is raring its head up again! People feel like they can do what they want and not care about the future of others!.  When people go through life’s challenges it’s a little easier if we can be more encouraging and understanding.  Not to feel as if there are no options to the pain they feel in their lives.  I warn people that we should be mindful of how we treat others and don’t minimize their  pain.  The selfishness that is displayed today is unbelievable if I can describe the uncaringness and unconcern of people! Selfish  love is warped it gets to people who they want and everything else if  can wait.  If it’s not about  them they don’t want to get involved. How you treat people matters! People seem to love who they love and not realize the level that they are really on. Human compassion extends more than one’s selfishness !

 It’s easy to gripe and complain about what the world needs to do and you honestly do nothing but take care of you and yours! What great roles have one actually played! Do we really love on people like we should or we openly care about what is more important to us?  You have to ask… Who am I and what do I stand for? 

What might not seem important to you is overwhelming to them!  God bless those who have these fantasy lives and stay in sense of denial! Life happens to all of us and you never know when pain will arrive in such a way you feel like you can’t cope. Some people think they are coping life in the raw hurts sometimes. 

People think I’m strange that I take everything personal when it comes to  levels of mistreatment.  I am an advocate  for love AND NEVER ABUSE! A hug  does wonders and a hug with love supersedes that! I respect people and regardless of what my day is … I am careful of my posture when I am dealing with people who may or may not be delicate. 

That human touch or contact when someone is dealing with a situation even if it is just sheer depression! I want to stay mindful that what I do and say can harm a person. I was taught this even in my painful experiences in life. To maintain my joy even when it’s all going wrong for me.  So, I listen  but I show it in love and not pretend!

You can take people by the hand and say it’s going to be alright!  We have to stop all this talking and let our light shine not also deflect our humanness by thinking loving on people someone how is a weakness.  So being mean-spirited is advocated as a shield of toughness, instead of love…As if you love is a sign that you can’t be firm! But ignorance flows in this manner.

God is love and we should always  extend  love with  compassion! I learned this from being around loveless and cruel people … Relationships are not HARD…IT’S THE WRONG PEOPLE THAT MAKE IT DIFFICULT!