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Why people pull out all the claws to claim territory that really isn’t theirs is another mind blower!  It’s called “STALKING”.  I share level of bullying that people don’t believe is apart of being spooky and way off based.

And then they tell their story of being in love with someone who wont even looked at them twice! A true story… A woman told me that she was preparing herself to marry a man, who was not only not interested in her but thought that he needed a “restraining order”.  

I knew the minute that I heard conversations I knew that  she needed a doctor,…seriously! I was amazed at how many people she said was her friend but no one stopped the craziness. Her phone was full of photos of a man should couldn’t have. 

Of course I knew she was nuts…but she was stalking him. I asked her didn’t she think her behavior was off based. She was smiling and laughing as if I was the one that was off.

Poor thing  needed some serious help and the family had  sort of distance themselves because of this fanatical and maniacal behavior. She had been accused of stealing and doing all kinds of  psychotic things. I noticed that people she surrounded herself with and some common thread among them. They were all chasing things that they couldn’t have! 

She tried to align herself with some of his friends, followed him around town. One thing I did respect about the gentleman. He handled her with “kid gloves”.  At first but then he saw the other side, once he basically called her a “stalker”.  

He is a celebrity but he keeps a low profile with all that groupie stuff because he was like myself… We were taught that aligning ourselves with flattery is dangerous and keep the right perspective with people who follow you!  

Some people love being adorned and praised until they get that dark side. The game is to not play with folks emotions no matter how sane  you think they are. You will find out how mentally  imbalanced are when you say NO!  

The female was highly educated but she opened her mouth and begin to let her conversation loose she can go so far there! She keeps this side away from others because it is easily detected. It wasn’t really  a secret but something people ignored. She was beyond narcissism. I knew this woman crossed boundaries and no one wanted addressed how crazy she really was!  

I knew  of her but then I had to investigate things on my own when I had my experience with her!  Liar  was still a good word this woman needed to be committed this is just how far it went.

When I found the length of her criminal behavior she has attached herself to many people in the oddest ways including the church. What wasn’t the shock of my life others knew about it, and ignored her!  

You see, her fascination with wanting to be  married,she was getting older and it became obsessive. She had found the right man after the last 10 she stalked!  

The fantasy started  at a young age.  The idea that she  will be swept her off her feet, give her  the white house with two children and the white picket fence along with the dog called “SPOT!”  

If someone wants you they want you… praise your time of knowing who are before getting entangled with who doesn’t want you! Women who become borderline psychopaths wishing and praying for a love who doesn’t want it! So many  criminal stories that I have read and heard when someone is so head over heels in love with a fantasy. If it’s there its there…  I know that if he isn’t the “ONE”… I am sure God has replacement plans. 

Sometimes who you think you might have a lot in common turns out to be more than a handful. Marry someone who is worth knowing and loving if this is to be apart of your future.

 People do more working on giving the farce than facing the reality. If someone loves you he or she isn’t going to make you be  or act criminal. Drunk or crazy love isn’t a healthy love especially when it’s one-sided!

Some people aren’t marriage material or even worth the investment! One predictable factor is when you are the only one engaging and the other party isn’t!

Women who are serving time because of  what he said or what they thought!  Games are being played in the name of love.  When it’s too late the person has done some terrible things and  some will face that they need help!  You go to know when to walk away and set boundaries. Egos draw the feeble heart and mind.  The fantasy of being married before they get too old is the old maid syndrome. Instead of staying old made for the right person!  

I have yet to see a heterosexual woman make a gay man straight. And some actually try!  I have yet to see a woman of class straighten out trash and thinks he knows her worth when he have no idea of who he is! 

If a clock is ticking let it tick in favor and freedom of know your self-worth  instead of clicking from behind bars after doing something stupid in fantasy love that brings heartaches, suffering  and with no idea of who you are!