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“I understood James Brown the first time I heard the song…and what resonate more today than ever…”TALKING LOUD AND SAYING NOTHING”…AND LETS ADD AIN’T DOING ANYTHING EITHER!

The new vocal fashion statement that sounds like a warped recording. Accountability and transparency. They have been parents of mines forever. What’s so new about it… It’s robotic responses and rebuttals and what sounds so perfect when people want social change.

What infuriates me  when I see people who are so self indulged into they are too insensitive  to help someone and are the first to cry foul ball when it tanks for them!  I understand when you might be in fear of your life but what happened to just calling for help?

Many today are not taught  early to be fraudulent in stands today. Why I have so much to say because injustice is everywhere and we limit ourselves to just personal causes. To stand up for anything  make some poster signs and holler injustice but fail to assist their neighbors! I know, many ride out on   not none of their  business until it happens to them!

Then  whirls inspirational messages and saying  posted up on social media about every injustice they have encountered and fail to remember how many they stepped on to seek  justice for someone else besides their circles!

I think what is more than a total disgrace is  how people are spoon fed on how to ignore ” certain” injustices, because of fear of being abandoned, rejected,  called out, or retaliation!

Our society is  the most hypocritical…and it teaches our  young  that history is manipulative and lying but in the same token teaches our children to  be disrespectful  and  lie their way through thoughts and actions!  Our customs train our children to be about SELF and rebuke authority! They learn from the best how to become selective in what to get involved in even in religion! If  they look a certain way, status, if they live in certain areas our society set the attacks in motion by what we co-sign on even in the name of justice!

What beats inside any person’s “chest”will reveals where they are. The painful part is that so many have this deep criteria before getting involved! When all they need is courage and some backbone!  

Children today aren’t stupid… they see one thing and then there are actions in who our nation has not completely told the truth about. Even in history we have made many who were deceptive in history to be heroes! And when children ask us questions about what they discovered the defense mechanism of covering up and lies take precedence!

People  say one thing but the children see their actions. There are so many who comment on what the people should say and do and it’s the smallest things that they fail to do and that is stand up no matter who it is.  

Let me share why I take it so personal when people FAIL to get involved after being wronged or faced injustices. And sometimes  wrongs are committed without all the ducks lined up in a row  and people then make their case why they didn’t get involved!  Even with so many I learned  terrible lessons about the loud mouths who do nothing but talk but their actions told me a lot!  I honestly l don’t think people care about proof because they have an idea how they would flow anyway!

The outrage that I feel when  I know people know what’s right but run in hide when its time to either PUT UP OR SHUT UP!  You have to fight bitterness when you life and your experiences are not valuable to them! I say them because we have selective  justice in this country, in this state, on blocks, in our community and in even in the church. So many look the other way… because standing means you have to stand up straight  and stop bending their backs. 

Yet, even with technology people still look the other way and make excuses why you didn’t help. I think this is what fuels me…so many don’t care about what happens on their watch!  It makes you ANGRY…When you know that you have been violated and people make excuses because it then requires that you step up.  God knows I pick people apart when they say they stand for this and stand for that…but then you see what they really stand for!

I have heard all the hoopla about what we need to stand for and  standing today comes with conditions and game playing.  Cold blooded killers get more play than an elderly  man who is knocked and beaten. They are silently called cowards while the big mouths seek press!  What if someone stomped you, kicked you in the face or  put a gun to your head? Can  you imagine the mental scars this leaves? What if it’s you?

 No one   had compassion and human decency  to  stand for a college student that was beaten for her I Phone on Chicago’s  public transportation and no one did nothing?! How is it that so many hearts are that cold?

Its amazing why so many get involved in different things for media attention but the there is never a public outcry when we see the severity of just how bad it is so it’s not wisdom picking the fight but basically who they can whip on without being exhausted.


A young man was knocked unconscious and someone ran over the man and no one cared…yet again! How is the value of human life is down to dollars and cents! From personal experience it depends on whats in the dog fight for them! Sometimes being attacked isn’t important until it is was one of theirs! People who want justice wont turn a blind eye even ifs one of your picks! When true humanity is shown they don’t care who it is that has been violated! There should be an excuse why you didn’t step up or step out. People may think and see one thing… But more importantly God knows the REAL YOU!!