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The cowards  tell  themselves…  I am loved and respected until they are a normally FORCED… through humiliation… and this gives them the courage to remove what blinds him or her… All of their  so-called “friends can be devils. They live a life of seeking approval. So they seek safety to hide even if it’s the midst of evil.

Its been wrong for a long time but the thought to stand up  is often ‘shifted power”  because they can’t do it themselves. Fear and  anxiety wont allow them to make a move nor confront!.  They can only be tough in crowds who what he or she believes can protect them. They can’t  often spot truth because   being mistreated is  often apart of their version of their  loyalty program! 

You want  to appear bigger than you really are but there is just one problem… the disease to please and what if they hate me disease! They want to be the LIKED parent, they fail to correct bad behavior because they rather  to be favored. They walk the lines of doing what the people want to get reinforcement even if they aren’t respected . They lose focus on what is correct because the thought of being left out takes them there mentally!  Some people miss out on the best in their lives seeking comfort of others than what is best for them! And will only surround themselves with people who they “think” LIKE them. They are often duped because they can no longer see what has “SPELL” over them! They give in too abuses even with  those who know they don’t have the strength to stand and fight back! 

 The fear of rejection is real and the culprit why so many can’t move forward or throw away safety blankets. I want to be LIKED so they live fruitless lives knowing they are missing out but they have keep their LIKES…But here is where it’s wrong and stay wrong. So man live lies because they don’t want people to know how afraid that they are…So they surround themselves with nothing that will reflect on how bad it is! So he or she  mirrors what they know instead of what the reality and the truth is! They know that their true connections has nothing to do with you  but what you do for them!

If I stand against them… and tell the truth…I might not have this or that! There stomach gets very nervous because they have no idea not stand alone so they gravitate to toxic people, places,  opportunities and things. Thinking they are actually moving forward going backwards”.

They talk tough until they are confronted with DO SOMETHING…THEY MAKE EXCUSES AND ALL SPINE IS GONE.

So one goes along to get along.  They see abuses of every kind although saying  that they are about  unifying they hide because they don’t want  anyone to know just how scared they really.  They stick with the crowds because it appears to be safer. What will they think? I have to find a side and stay there even if its wrong. ey make decisions based on what will it look like instead of what is right! They have to have a sense of belonging. This is who gangs are actually born. Stuck and miserable but they can’t make a move because fear of being rejected so they hold on the always DEAD THINGS!

I have heard it all and experienced too much. Over in this corner could be the liars of all liars and why would a man or woman of God be standing near it let alone justifying it?  They lock arms and pray for this or that.but look the other way when one is caught in uncompromising positions and justifying with biblical quotes! And then who they really are ….comes hissing!

What just happened? Blessing and curses are flowing from the same lips? People are getting more uncomfortable about telling the truth…not as they know but what it actually is. So many have sold themselves out for chicken change and other compromising agendas. Just say what? Our history has been bound with fraudulent people until someone’s exposes the truth. They will the tradition of lies! It doesn’t matter if he beat his wife, it doesn’t matter if the persona is serial child molester. They will stand with the majority just to say they are apart of a movement of any kind just don’t call them cowards.

And they look the people in the eye and  bargain with ignorance. What solidarity are we showing that we can’t stand on our own and being attached to hip with corruption and compromise! When religion, or relationships have that much power over you that you can’t make sound decisions without the thought of not being liked…Sorry, you are already at a loss!

 People who have the disease to please coward  down under pressure.  What if …is how they live! Running a race always looking to see whose looking at them and will they approve who they are running with. Many have  missed out on great things God has planned for them,  being in bondage to people .  What reputations do you really have is what you need to ask? People can be in denial for years about why the do what the do. It’s obvious to others what many  cowards have fail to see…that they can’t  stand up without a human prop …for anything, so they fall of anything!