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What does it matter if one makes a statement about certain people and where they need to go. The Presidential race is dangerous on so many levels and the people who actually follow the nonsense have found ways to justify when one is  mentally unstable, see it and vote for it!

Illinois is ran so poorly and each day is fewer opportunities to do anything positive is becoming that much scarce!  What has been going on for years is not playing out in front of us!  

Illinois  political priorities have always been messed up and  mixed up. Unless you are in a certain category you might be considered salable. We are so focused on how to pay our bills and more or less how not to be shot going to pay them.

Yes, I have grown weary and discouraged with the community and government politics…. I saw what appeared to be commitment for change…Tank!  That’s why many have   fouled out on civil rights and many others movements… It has become so warped until we can’t trust even those who protest! One minute justice the next minute they are doing injustice!

My commitment for living the best life is still advocated even if I am not always visible. I learned that what you  visibly stand with can do more harm than good.  Today, good old common sense, and serious discernment is required. Too many wolves in sheep clothing!

DIRTY POLITICS…One minute they slam each other, pull out dirty laundry, then let you know they are liars…And then words of comfort when they beat them!  With all the political shenanigans you’d think by now we have more educated voting than emotional voting! I have heard enough and I am quite disappointed that how so many are not even focused on any major issues…just going at it AND THEN SAY WE ARE UNIFYING THIS COUNTRY!

How does mud slinging make one dignified? How can someone who disrespect differences can be viable leadership? Its getting scary for me… When people show you who they are and you still make excuses for them. Certain qualities I believe should be given when picking a decent candidate for Presidency and community leadership! I am amazed at how so many still choose things with fickle emotions! If they have some fancy slogan or give some stupid jargon against their opponents, or have certain alliances. I don’t give a rat behind who endorses who?  People have agendas and sometimes only “self” is in mind and no what is best for the people as a whole!

All because I like a person doesn’t necessarily means that they are leadership material. And oh boy have I seen, how easily people are suckered in by just sheer emotional highs on this! Dirty politicians know the meaning of “Gas lighting” situations! .

I had to teach myself listen to what people  are really standing for? I have had my share of disappointments when people say one thing and then you see what they are honestly about and surround themselves with.

Emotions will help you make a quick decisions with  devastating and lasting results. I let people  talk and become informed instead of fueled because I like this person! 

Lunacy, and bad attitudes is not on my list. A bully is definitely a no, a no…What is defined in this country and still reigning supreme! Voting with the main strategies… how  one feels instead of the real deal!