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No one wants to talk about human sexuality and the church and the part it plays with positions and who’s who.  People honestly  choose people based on what their common goals, interest or evils might be!  Some chooses the word mentor for what is just being an idol.  What mentoring-ship many offer is almost insulting to me. If you are not a female or isn’t clawing or sleeping her way to get what she wants.  Lets be real some women will sell themselves to get to the top for worldly success!

Its my mission to talk about things that we ignore because of what many think should be kept private although it plays out in public! Having large breasts and puffed up bottom  is capital now days! 

I am a woman who is well dressed when I have to show up! My sexiness shouldn’t matter but at home with my husband.When I have to sell myself to other men to win what is that really called? When my dress is too short I should have some idea what damage it can do ? If my girls are pushed up to ceiling I better be breastfeeding. Women are still not respected and when women market themselves to get promoted? Do you have to wonder why we are still deemed upon as objects! This is TRUTH!

I know what works for ME!  I am not trying to look like anyone else but ME. However, I still keep myself together although I am with a ponytail and workout clothing  at home!

Females are taught to put on their best masks, push bra, tight thongs  to camouflage what is really hidden!  Society prefers liars to get what they want and sleep their way to maximum. They will be whatever you want them to be and the real person shows and then here comes the problems!

At this point is when you question “how in God’s name this person gain worldly success if they open up their mouths it’s not that hard to figure out.  Gyrating my private parts is then used to what advantage. I wont be known as a Lady but more or less the word TRAMP… Will viciously come out of the mouths of those  who want the same thing!

Who cares if she can sing? Sell me sex!    Some have no idea what they are doing but you wonder why certain women made it and others struggle?   Who cares if a woman if smart enough, in his century the more whorish a woman reflects she is ONLY …given temporary choices! It wont be long before someone can shake a little harder and push up their breasts a little higher!

What surprise can I give anyone when I know what makes me comfortable at being myself? The startling most men can’t handle if you are to straight up…it crushes their egos!  All that faking to climb is dangerous. What happens when the next attractive person comes along? The next proposition will come! 

Many would like to believe that when women criticize each other women it’s normally  out of jealousy,  and they can’t be that attractive. I know from my personal experiences that the cattiness of most women is when they are vying for attention  and or positions. They can be quite spiteful to make sure they are looked at. And I believe that’s a crying shame. Women who can’t be secure with themselves because they are not picked like modern-day slaves. Typically it comes down to what a man likes and if he does likes her comes the “claws”…    My experiences with this nonsense is  nonstop, I have never in my life seen so much immaturity and ignorance among women married and single! Something about a confident female that drives them nuts! 

I was told by other women when a woman is fairly attractive, she normally can’t cook, get educated on her back…All she has to do is blink her eyes and push up her bra.  This kind of nonsense fuels me.  What I learned on a real… When you can be yourself women get little angry. I just talked about when others think that calling me “Grandma” takes something away from me…but it doesn’t! I am secure in who I am and that can be quite intimidated for women who can’t hold their own.  

I haven’t sold myself for opportunities. The reward is great because my conscience is clear. Of course, opportunists don’t care about missing sleep to get what they want. And that’s who looks like “great grandma” at 40 years of age!  Ugliness comes back ferociously among vipers.

And because  I am not desperate for attention, or trying make propositions with body. I know it all starts in the mindset!  I

One of the   ABC Shark hosts of the television show ” Shark Tank”…BARBARA  CORCORAN made a statement about how women  can make it in business.  Basically saying we should use our “sexuality” for business advancement.

She said  we should wear bright colors and yank  our skirts a little… and some other “goofy” stuff. If she made it successfully with money by raising up the stakes a little I have to ask…How much is what you know or what you have done to have worldly success?   You’d be surprise how so many still feel this way.

Pimp my ride out even if she is my wife”…  I don’t understand how one minute we want our children to learn respectability and we see how morally bankrupt so many people are! I am what flatters me…in with good taste. 

 I said Oh My God…As if this can’t get any worse! Of course they put on her blast! Society influences our young too much in a negative way. Selfishness is the way to go.  Superficial is now viewed as entitlement!

When I hear women my age that speak with such foolishness. I don’t get it …one minute society wants their daughter to marry respectable men.  The next minute we are giving off the wrong messages squandering over men who we want to choose us. Women give them that power…Instead of walking in the true power! The power of knowing how to be yourself and still make it! No wonder young girls are performing oral sex as a way of being the most popular. It sounds ridiculous  when you hear what spew out of our young…it will offend any true parent terribly! That you daughter is taught that the only way she is considered valuable is with her sexuality.

 It’s no different in church…this kind of messiness disturbs me. Our girls are greatly validated with strong FATHERS…Not Fathers that run! Life was hard when you made the children yet, we find excuses for just about anything we fail to be accountable at.  There is such a double standard in our westernized customs. Unity in spirit is always broken when everyone forgets the role they play! Women believe that prettiest women get all the opportunities…I am here to tell you when you stand up for what is correct the wait for us is tougher, harder and sometimes longer!