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Have you ever wondered why some children were out of control and then you see their parents?  It explains it all. Many people have different parenting skills  but why so many children are buck wild when so-called structure is in place.  Children today are running parents and when it’s all said and done children respect people to keep them in order!  Whether we agree or disagree we have to be on the same page w hen it comes to nipping ill behavior before it goes too far! Bullying is terrible! 

Being politically correct people didn’t want to say some children are bad. But the reality is…some are bad seeds and history has shown that we can have a batch of children that were just born bad. Whatever you psychological take on parenting…A  Wisconsin town is kicking it up another notch…

Parents will be ticketed if their  child is bullying  by police for municipal code violations! First time offenders…$114.00  Subsequent  offenders…$177.00 each this includes cyber bullying as well!

I was proud because this let me know that Wisconsin is taking bullying seriously… And I want to be the first to applaud them!!!!