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No one wants to say it but what we want to  hold in such high esteem is becoming more and more contaminated with evil than good! The church isn’t sacred it’s what you relationship with God that is sacred. Too many rules that many don’t follow themselves. Too much god complex among unhealthy spiritual leadership. God is turned off by it and so am I!

I am not turning people on to church but I am awakening many out of spiritual stupor thinking you are led by the real thing in a church. Too many excuses are being made about all this illicit behavior! God doesn’t condone such nonsense! 

I have seen Pastor wives and mistresses all in the same church! It’s not uncommon for brawls to breakout. That is why a Pastor that has whorish ways stay nervous or one the edge. He or she knows the atmospheres that they set in motion. Playing with anyone’s heart is becoming more and more dangerous! 

I saw them play the games by leading women on flirting undercover…  Being a Pastor doesn’t means he is less than human but church is abused in this fashion quite a bit! He or she knows that stakes are high when you get into ministry. If you don’t keep a strong level of discipline you will find yourselves in some pits!

The truth is coming out about so many who use ministry as a way of advancing themselves even sexually! I have seen the games they play which has been the upper hand for me because I am aware of the games in the name of God.  I can almost smell the foolishness in what a Pastor might believe will be his or her well-kept secrets! They are sexually pursued by the thirstiest it too is a cat and mouse game for them. Women know when they have someone who can be a conquest… Even if only for the chance to  expose them to say their nothing to them and that they are fakes!It’s  ironic how the same dog is being captured with the same games and it works!  The opportunity  to show others that how “Stupid”  they are!  Egos cloud better judgment. 

And when  the church get genuine and sincere leaders  in ministry they come to grips that the church isn’t into getting themselves aligned spiritually but they are there for the hook up whatever that might be!

That is why many stay in churches for years… not a history that is full of spiritual growth but a history of manure! A church and have thousands among thousands that attend and I can give a number that only a few or educated on the things of God and rest lies tradition. 

Thing  that they have to confront and that is spiritual corruption in the church house. I know the skinny on Pastors who love the women chasing them even if he or she a tired old shoe box… The desperation of the chase as if they are diseased in the mind some how!

This keeps his or her  evil  morales in high gear and it wont be long when he or she knows who lusts after them.  They are flattered, so the lead people in th wrong direction into believing they will. be the chosen one. I get tickled because they are married, single or somewhere in between. The sexual tryst is real…are often instigated by the pastors!   

Every time something come forth negatively about the church. I shake my head for these apparent reasons BUT much hasn’t change! The same nonsense continues and without too much push back from those who are on Boards and allow the behavior continue. Many have retired from ministry because of the lack of checks and balances! Moral decay is an understatement. When someone sheds light on torrid affairs that are wide open and people tend to ignore someone who claims to speak the oracles of God. Weight heavily when we want to call spiritual leadership. What has turned me off completely is the lack of accountability and the fake transparency.

Mistresses have the ammunition whether it’s the text messages, dirty pictures or the one-sided  love letters!  Even if feelings aren’t  reciprocated it is still what builds in their mind  that makes him or feel fine about themselves! Mistresses keep the world informed that the whole church thing still comes up janky whether we have good leaders or not…its all the bad apples that make us lose credibility!

What is supposed to be kept real is becoming more tainted and haunting.   What gives me divine anger is that so many are fakes in the pulpit and the people are easily led astray and then very good leaders have to deal with the aftermath once exposure of the church cover ups!  They stand flat-footed and say what the Lord has to say…and it’s no wonder why so many are coming forth and putting their business on front street!  Its’ embarrassing to say the least.

More people are coming forth about serial molesters who have been allowed to minister knowing that rape, and sexual assault are criminals and the church still remain silent.  And it always has to take that one to tell you where his mole is located and then the church becomes abusive because someone is exposing what they should have stood against! Of course, these are not  CHURCHES OF GOD… they are just churches.

Unfortunately I had to back up and reexamine my call to ministry and  fairly keep my distances especially with those who have no character or integrity.  All you have to do is see what surrounds that leader and you might have a snippet into their world. No man or  woman of God is isolating themselves with questionable things…It wont take long before you see his or her demons fully embodied! That’s why  I stand back and see the madness for myself, so that I can get a clear indication of where a ministry actually about. Sadly, more than ever …GOD IS USED IN THE GAMES!

You may not  know everyone’s spiritual resume’ but I better not find out  its tainted either! Spineless but sinful dominates many of the materialistic churches! If it takes the mistress to expose dirty Pastors… So be it.

I have a difficult time believing that so many so-called men and women of God are always aligned with devils. How can you preach against devils when you are one them? A lot of Pastors being murdered for outside extracurricular activities straight and gay!

That is why so many can’t handle when lies are exposed anything where light is exposing cockroaches they scatter to run only migrate in another hiding place. When  someone comes full throttle about a Pastor I am not shocked at the behavior but more and more embarrassed that we have sometimes once respectable leaders falling prey to the enemies traps!