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“ATTRACTIVE NUISANCES… the doctrine applies to the laws of torts in the United States that a landowner maybe held liable even if property that  have legal permits but draws you in with its attractiveness” .

Jimmy said… I don’t feel like myself, I feel like I can identify with the Lion… so let me act like the “King of Jungle”… I am so free-spirited I  know I can go among the animals and not be HARMED…Sorry Jimmy the jungle didn’t want him and ate him. This sounds so stupid that a man felt like he was called among the wild to be one of his own. Certain things this country goes for today is unbelievable to make certain people, groups satisfied! When I have seen “neglect” on many government levels that is simple off the meter!

I can’t believe how so many are so deceived with America’s  attractive nuisances. All the signs point to other upsets in the long haul. So it gets easier to shove the mess down the people’s’ throats!  Being politically correct is one thing but entirely ignorant is another. We don’t anyone telling us which “bathrooms” are correct for us. Take one look below it answer the question. I UNDERSTAND PHYSICAL MEDICAL  ISSUES THAT MIGHT REQUIRE HOW TO IDENTIFY…BUT THAT’S IT! Why should this be going any further?  And I know I am not being insensitive but I am a little taken with just how this country goes to support this or that cause… And wont embrace that we lack more freedom than we think. Systemic poverty and hunger lack of education, violence is out of control, 

So many people are dumbing down to society personal preferences and not doing the homework on the long-term effects when we give into what people want than what is needed.  Wat is really important now says its what one might identify with. Where are the boundaries?

I can’t believe our society spends so much time finding foolish  things to embrace.  I am NOT confused where I should be even if I identify myself on other issues then what?

Once we start this foolishness it continues! America has no boundaries and its a bottomless pit of what might turn up next. At some point we should be able to stand for something. Moral decay is limitless from White House to church house.

Today people have so many gripes and have become super sensitive on so many issues which some of this stuff is sheer common sense. When people can’t discern simple things and turn everything into a fight but will look the other way with lies that are told to satisfy the unquenchable flesh. It wants!  The subliminal mind game is that we are given a little bit a time for the test the palette  to see how much  will the people  received. The dosage of moral decay is slowly given until the people start to ignore the  confusion and the collateral damages. It’s then we look up to see what was easily open is now opening doors for other things to tank this country!