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Disowned means to be forcibly denounced.The impact of being disowned is more prevalent today than talked about. Don’t get this twisted people can disown  you with posterior of not saying or doing a thing.

Many have the emotional scars of being rejected and abused because of no fault of their own  . Whether its’ your family, school, society and even religious communities. Being “different” comes with a price. Being abandoned  and rejected among our “own” is more common than one would like to believe! The conflict is sometimes hidden and not so much on the surface. 

It’s when the gathering starts. There “collectively”  is an atmosphere purposely set to keep you or force you out! Unless you are familiar with being the outsider or what one might call the “black sheep”. It might not be that obvious to the naked eye!  

And because of the Joseph syndrome ( Genesis Chapter 37)the odd ball knows when they are not WELCOMED. Others ignore how bad it really is so they remain quiet and make excuses! Instead of intervening  against the behavior

The issues that comes along when one is disowned is a harsh reality about the heart of  people. From own experiences with many arenas when you aren’t accepted. The fight against jealousy, prejudices or just sheer cruelty of just not being liked. The fight to keep you out is real. And there is always a witness to do the right thing by the “oddball” and then you see for yourself that they rather not get involved… this is when anger and bitterness can set in. But you must move beyond when others wont stand by you or protect you… It’s at this point you have to decide to be healed and shake the dust from “UNDER” your feet and move on!

 I had to turn what others wanted to be negative into something positive. No one can deny the fight to keep your head above water when dealing with the negative impact of others.

So many I have already witnessed that are so messed up  and the issues are never dealt with so their “evil” is passed along! They can only relate to those who are just as harsh as they are! They never heal because the pain has become their callous.

 Some people that attend church are there waiting for that supernatural experience with God only to be met with more opposition and rejection. And the most horrific experiences that come from any church is dealing with adequate people among staff or the clergy itself who lack the compassion and the interpersonal skills to deal with hurting people. Oh we can stop the fruitless staff members who many know are just trouble makers with titles and position.

Satan keeps them in place to keep God’s people from not growing  up spiritually mature. Spiritually mature isn’t by far a definition of church attendance, how many church events you attend, nor how many years of membership. Growing up spiritually mature means that not only do I follow God but I am a lover of truth!

NO one wants to talk about the “jacked up” people who have the nerve to be in ministry and injure Gods people beyond repair. Until they don’t want anything to do with a church.  I concur! 

How can one healed after years of a broken heart? Its easier said than done.   In the ideal world we can embraced being different or who someone is. We know that’s not true because prejudices and racism is more alive today than ever before. The empowered is healing after dealing with rejection and your able to stand to tell the story. People are  often led to believe the “cotton candy”…watered down version of just how cruel and dysfunctional people really are! There is this “script” that many live by although they will “Never” tell others how bad it really was growing up in dysfunctional families. 

Being more educated  and well to do doesn’t exempt how emotionally flawed so many are including yourself. This can be very painful and you must make conscious choices to embrace the right things. Rejection is just as powerful  healing instead of moving past the pain some tend to hide among those  who are just as messed up as you are! Sometimes after being “rejected” people have a tendency to latch on to more of the superficial, this can also include, the wrong people, places and things.

So that one don’t want to seem weak so they camouflage. Misery adores company. Instead of being confrontational about the hurt the wall is build with others who are just as mean-spirited and bitter! 

There are those who may some challenges mentally on a serious level but I’m speaking of another kind of imbalances that society deemed as normal.  People aren’t that accepting and the church has become even worse. 

As if this kind of instability is somehow rewarding! I think the real shocker comes in when you live to see how so many don’t deal with how bad it is.  Some  churches has become more about money and members than being the characteristics of Christ!  The calculated, coldness of not being caring or concern. Christ isn’t concerned with how many it the pew but what empowers them after sitting in them. We see more cattiness and pettiness.

We can’t pretend we care about what happens in the world when we can’t govern ill behaviors on our watches inside the church. Some see what happens and dare not rock the boat. The fear of losing members is always at the forefront of  a leaders mind. Who cares who gets hurt as long as it doesn’t interferes with their “selfish” agendas. Ignorantly not paying attention and maybe God is testing you to stand for what is right other than SELF.

god will hold everyone accountable that gets abused  anyplace especially inside the church. When I write this I have certain people in mind. When there is no true love of God people get hurt by people who have “NO BUSINESS” in ANY ministry! Looks are deceiving it’s their actions that God sees and will judge them for their harshness.    Being disowned especially when you are a truth teller is what is hindering prayers and progress in the church. More hate is spread than love!

How can we even begin to speak to the world about “injustices” and so many get beat up mentally or become another church statistic. What do I mean?  People see when people are honest about their walk with God it shows. Not that is shows up on Saturday or Sunday with their Sunday’s best attitude that last all of 30 minutes!  

 I come to encouraged those who have  been disowned in any capacity even if it’s your fault. Forgive them and forgive yourself but don’t  “allow” people to dictate you from reaching God’s best.  The painful truth about the people we love they don’t know how or care to love you back. I understand the  fight to stay focused is difficult!

People say  “I love to hard but rather be this way than love less.  Love will catapult you in so many ways and will be ‘honored” by God especially! When you have a heart to love and rise above all the bad experiences of being disowned God will put the right people and environment after training days among those who abused you!

It can be hard and painful and you might even cry with thought of being disowned or rejected. I promise God I warn get among people who embrace you even if they are not blood related. Often times strangers treat you best! Go among people who need love it will take you mind off of those who abused your love.  Ask God for a clean heart (Psalm 51) This cleanses you spiritually from the wounds that are now scars! Yet, even the most painful experiences God prepares the table in the presence of your enemies and then he ELEVATES YOU!