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A taste of bad medicine from police brutality to sex abuse in the church. Where is the true accountability to ever get  justice?  What does it matter if  the nation saw it all? Isn’t it amazing when we see the wrong and its never corrected. I warn even in ministry the practice of looking the other way. Who is better?  Everyone likes to blame but very little step up and say its wrong? How can you be the same knowing that your loved one died at the hands of power  tripping police… or sexually abused by perverted priests?

Open up your eyes… This country talks and protest moral decay but so many still gravitate to more show than tell! th (19)

What can anger a person more knowing that they have abused, maimed, killed one of your loved ones and they are “allowed” to draw pensions and run free to hurt another? This fuels me on a daily to watch the people who have hurt you stay in positions or to watch justice fails us again!

I remind people think about every time you have to relive the person or people who have hurt someone you love walk free? What temptation to become bitter or full of rage?th (28)

The gnawing when you look at someone who is lying and the others stand in agreement as sign of solidarity and you or a  loved one is violated or dead?

I know what is more than a challenge when the truth is present, the evidence is still there and so are the cameras! And justice still isn’t being served. Foolishly people stay in denial but what about those who lived the nightmare? Sadly, our country is perpetrating it like so many others it stand for what it chooses to stand and ignore what it choose to ignore!th (30)