Interracial Relationships that Changed History | PBS


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Some are still afraid to change history… Interesting read!

Discover the groundbreaking rulings, cases and people that have shifted social attitudes about interracial relationships and marriage around the world.

Source: Interracial Relationships that Changed History | PBS




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Here is the lie of all lies. The first line of defense for beauty doesn’t come in a jar, tube, or beauty salons. Its comes in character!   Women spend millions on outer transformation and look worse while doing it because the true make over… isn’t where they spend money. It’s how the invested “wisely” within themselves.

As much as many harp on how well they prefer  a  to be treated with respect,  there still seem to be drawn in on what it looks like instead of who they really are! There is no beauty secret that we don’t know about. The inside reflects the outer beauty is a bonus. I don’t buy all these magically beauty wonders that people invest so much money in and fail to change from within. Having an “ugly” heart wont help you age gracefully. When you learn the value and self-worth it promotes good looks! Women go through monumental physical changes for “attention” because that’s all it is… To turn heads… and their heads are filled with the negative stuff  and often forget the best beauty make over is when you know how to mature and act! 

When middle age women begin to go into another cycle of their lives I will admit I didn’t know all that there was to know because I wasn’t quite educated truthfully because women hid their personal struggles about he change of life. With the change of life comes different titles. I don’t fit the norm of the average grandmother because I am still going! I learned the hard way women weren’t quite that open about aging! 

People can’t believe how old I am and get offended when I they find out how old I am… And think I am lying about it. Oh! If I was still 30 I would be more than happy to say it  but I am not.  As much as I work out and move around doesn’t mean I stop having birthdays.

Myself and some older women were talking recently and they both  looked well for almost 65 years young. One came out with it truthfully… She asked. Is getting out of bed difficult? We laughed  so loud as if telling if we had some struggles were kept secret. No matter how young we looked there was meeting of the bodies when we say we HURT! 

When someone thinks my daughter is my sister….. I don’t think flattering is the  word I  prefer to use. I thank God for that fountain that keeps me vibrant in my physical appearance ,  mind and my spirit.

Some women become too sensitive about aging. It is , what it is… And knowing that any day I will be “grandma”…isn’t offensive either!  Being called “Grandma” doesn’t hold me hostage to a certain age group!I am technically not a young grandmother… You can be as young as you feel. feel as young as you look. It depends on one’s  personal perspective. When they look for “Grandmother’s today it carry various meanings for women who fight that they are getting older!

Unfortunately, some women who look  older because of their nasty disposition. Easily displace jealousy. We all will age…its the negative things in life that makes us age even greater. I am constantly detoxifying my life from the dead things, places and people! It gets easier when you now what is more important.  Mentally detoxification is just as important! 

I have seen some women who just  “ugly” and I am speaking from the inside. The pettiness and the jealousy makes them age terribly! 

I can brag on God at this point for blessing me with agelessness even when they call me Grandma but I am even more grateful to have a heart that match! 



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First,  I like to thank everyone that sent Lucas Bear Cervone  a birthday card. My heart was close to this one. Lucas died from cancer, Sunday evening just a some days shy of his 6th birthday May 7th. Right now I am sure that his family  need that much more support!  th (3)

Please keep his family and loved ones in your prayers! 



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“I understood James Brown the first time I heard the song…and what resonate more today than ever…”TALKING LOUD AND SAYING NOTHING”…AND LETS ADD AIN’T DOING ANYTHING EITHER!

The new vocal fashion statement that sounds like a warped recording. Accountability and transparency. They have been parents of mines forever. What’s so new about it… It’s robotic responses and rebuttals and what sounds so perfect when people want social change.

What infuriates me  when I see people who are so self indulged into they are too insensitive  to help someone and are the first to cry foul ball when it tanks for them!  I understand when you might be in fear of your life but what happened to just calling for help?

Many today are not taught  early to be fraudulent in stands today. Why I have so much to say because injustice is everywhere and we limit ourselves to just personal causes. To stand up for anything  make some poster signs and holler injustice but fail to assist their neighbors! I know, many ride out on   not none of their  business until it happens to them!

Then  whirls inspirational messages and saying  posted up on social media about every injustice they have encountered and fail to remember how many they stepped on to seek  justice for someone else besides their circles!

I think what is more than a total disgrace is  how people are spoon fed on how to ignore ” certain” injustices, because of fear of being abandoned, rejected,  called out, or retaliation!

Our society is  the most hypocritical…and it teaches our  young  that history is manipulative and lying but in the same token teaches our children to  be disrespectful  and  lie their way through thoughts and actions!  Our customs train our children to be about SELF and rebuke authority! They learn from the best how to become selective in what to get involved in even in religion! If  they look a certain way, status, if they live in certain areas our society set the attacks in motion by what we co-sign on even in the name of justice!

What beats inside any person’s “chest”will reveals where they are. The painful part is that so many have this deep criteria before getting involved! When all they need is courage and some backbone!  

Children today aren’t stupid… they see one thing and then there are actions in who our nation has not completely told the truth about. Even in history we have made many who were deceptive in history to be heroes! And when children ask us questions about what they discovered the defense mechanism of covering up and lies take precedence!

People  say one thing but the children see their actions. There are so many who comment on what the people should say and do and it’s the smallest things that they fail to do and that is stand up no matter who it is.  

Let me share why I take it so personal when people FAIL to get involved after being wronged or faced injustices. And sometimes  wrongs are committed without all the ducks lined up in a row  and people then make their case why they didn’t get involved!  Even with so many I learned  terrible lessons about the loud mouths who do nothing but talk but their actions told me a lot!  I honestly l don’t think people care about proof because they have an idea how they would flow anyway!

The outrage that I feel when  I know people know what’s right but run in hide when its time to either PUT UP OR SHUT UP!  You have to fight bitterness when you life and your experiences are not valuable to them! I say them because we have selective  justice in this country, in this state, on blocks, in our community and in even in the church. So many look the other way… because standing means you have to stand up straight  and stop bending their backs. 

Yet, even with technology people still look the other way and make excuses why you didn’t help. I think this is what fuels me…so many don’t care about what happens on their watch!  It makes you ANGRY…When you know that you have been violated and people make excuses because it then requires that you step up.  God knows I pick people apart when they say they stand for this and stand for that…but then you see what they really stand for!

I have heard all the hoopla about what we need to stand for and  standing today comes with conditions and game playing.  Cold blooded killers get more play than an elderly  man who is knocked and beaten. They are silently called cowards while the big mouths seek press!  What if someone stomped you, kicked you in the face or  put a gun to your head? Can  you imagine the mental scars this leaves? What if it’s you?

 No one   had compassion and human decency  to  stand for a college student that was beaten for her I Phone on Chicago’s  public transportation and no one did nothing?! How is it that so many hearts are that cold?

Its amazing why so many get involved in different things for media attention but the there is never a public outcry when we see the severity of just how bad it is so it’s not wisdom picking the fight but basically who they can whip on without being exhausted.


A young man was knocked unconscious and someone ran over the man and no one cared…yet again! How is the value of human life is down to dollars and cents! From personal experience it depends on whats in the dog fight for them! Sometimes being attacked isn’t important until it is was one of theirs! People who want justice wont turn a blind eye even ifs one of your picks! When true humanity is shown they don’t care who it is that has been violated! There should be an excuse why you didn’t step up or step out. People may think and see one thing… But more importantly God knows the REAL YOU!!



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Why people pull out all the claws to claim territory that really isn’t theirs is another mind blower!  It’s called “STALKING”.  I share level of bullying that people don’t believe is apart of being spooky and way off based.

And then they tell their story of being in love with someone who wont even looked at them twice! A true story… A woman told me that she was preparing herself to marry a man, who was not only not interested in her but thought that he needed a “restraining order”.  

I knew the minute that I heard conversations I knew that  she needed a doctor,…seriously! I was amazed at how many people she said was her friend but no one stopped the craziness. Her phone was full of photos of a man should couldn’t have. 

Of course I knew she was nuts…but she was stalking him. I asked her didn’t she think her behavior was off based. She was smiling and laughing as if I was the one that was off.

Poor thing  needed some serious help and the family had  sort of distance themselves because of this fanatical and maniacal behavior. She had been accused of stealing and doing all kinds of  psychotic things. I noticed that people she surrounded herself with and some common thread among them. They were all chasing things that they couldn’t have! 

She tried to align herself with some of his friends, followed him around town. One thing I did respect about the gentleman. He handled her with “kid gloves”.  At first but then he saw the other side, once he basically called her a “stalker”.  

He is a celebrity but he keeps a low profile with all that groupie stuff because he was like myself… We were taught that aligning ourselves with flattery is dangerous and keep the right perspective with people who follow you!  

Some people love being adorned and praised until they get that dark side. The game is to not play with folks emotions no matter how sane  you think they are. You will find out how mentally  imbalanced are when you say NO!  

The female was highly educated but she opened her mouth and begin to let her conversation loose she can go so far there! She keeps this side away from others because it is easily detected. It wasn’t really  a secret but something people ignored. She was beyond narcissism. I knew this woman crossed boundaries and no one wanted addressed how crazy she really was!  

I knew  of her but then I had to investigate things on my own when I had my experience with her!  Liar  was still a good word this woman needed to be committed this is just how far it went.

When I found the length of her criminal behavior she has attached herself to many people in the oddest ways including the church. What wasn’t the shock of my life others knew about it, and ignored her!  

You see, her fascination with wanting to be  married,she was getting older and it became obsessive. She had found the right man after the last 10 she stalked!  

The fantasy started  at a young age.  The idea that she  will be swept her off her feet, give her  the white house with two children and the white picket fence along with the dog called “SPOT!”  

If someone wants you they want you… praise your time of knowing who are before getting entangled with who doesn’t want you! Women who become borderline psychopaths wishing and praying for a love who doesn’t want it! So many  criminal stories that I have read and heard when someone is so head over heels in love with a fantasy. If it’s there its there…  I know that if he isn’t the “ONE”… I am sure God has replacement plans. 

Sometimes who you think you might have a lot in common turns out to be more than a handful. Marry someone who is worth knowing and loving if this is to be apart of your future.

 People do more working on giving the farce than facing the reality. If someone loves you he or she isn’t going to make you be  or act criminal. Drunk or crazy love isn’t a healthy love especially when it’s one-sided!

Some people aren’t marriage material or even worth the investment! One predictable factor is when you are the only one engaging and the other party isn’t!

Women who are serving time because of  what he said or what they thought!  Games are being played in the name of love.  When it’s too late the person has done some terrible things and  some will face that they need help!  You go to know when to walk away and set boundaries. Egos draw the feeble heart and mind.  The fantasy of being married before they get too old is the old maid syndrome. Instead of staying old made for the right person!  

I have yet to see a heterosexual woman make a gay man straight. And some actually try!  I have yet to see a woman of class straighten out trash and thinks he knows her worth when he have no idea of who he is! 

If a clock is ticking let it tick in favor and freedom of know your self-worth  instead of clicking from behind bars after doing something stupid in fantasy love that brings heartaches, suffering  and with no idea of who you are!



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If I had a dollar for when someone said “I love you or I am concerned”  but  then their actions took center stage and finally you got to see how much love is there and being concerned wasn’t even on the option button.  

Now I know!  I spend first little time with people who take self-indulgence to another level. If they thought they were going to be left out is the only time they show up and even then they got an agenda! We know people like this much as we want to love them their truth come dwindling through! It’s all about them!  Yes, its narcissistic! 

I remember someone said she was giving me a birthday present but it has so many strings attached that I called her and gave back. I didn’t even dismantle the gift out of the box because I was told that my gift will have to help her when she needed! This will help her on her expenses! I had asked?  I thought this was “my” birthday present? And she actually thought she was generous!

I know some wealthy people who still have poverty spirits. And I  know people who struggle that is so rich in their giving until they get back double from God all the time! 

I saw the stinginess and it blew my mind!  What angered me more she actually though she was a given person and she is another claimed to be Christian. th (36)

Sadly, and yet again… selfishness  is raring its head up again! People feel like they can do what they want and not care about the future of others!.  When people go through life’s challenges it’s a little easier if we can be more encouraging and understanding.  Not to feel as if there are no options to the pain they feel in their lives.  I warn people that we should be mindful of how we treat others and don’t minimize their  pain.  The selfishness that is displayed today is unbelievable if I can describe the uncaringness and unconcern of people! Selfish  love is warped it gets to people who they want and everything else if  can wait.  If it’s not about  them they don’t want to get involved. How you treat people matters! People seem to love who they love and not realize the level that they are really on. Human compassion extends more than one’s selfishness !

 It’s easy to gripe and complain about what the world needs to do and you honestly do nothing but take care of you and yours! What great roles have one actually played! Do we really love on people like we should or we openly care about what is more important to us?  You have to ask… Who am I and what do I stand for? 

What might not seem important to you is overwhelming to them!  God bless those who have these fantasy lives and stay in sense of denial! Life happens to all of us and you never know when pain will arrive in such a way you feel like you can’t cope. Some people think they are coping life in the raw hurts sometimes. 

People think I’m strange that I take everything personal when it comes to  levels of mistreatment.  I am an advocate  for love AND NEVER ABUSE! A hug  does wonders and a hug with love supersedes that! I respect people and regardless of what my day is … I am careful of my posture when I am dealing with people who may or may not be delicate. 

That human touch or contact when someone is dealing with a situation even if it is just sheer depression! I want to stay mindful that what I do and say can harm a person. I was taught this even in my painful experiences in life. To maintain my joy even when it’s all going wrong for me.  So, I listen  but I show it in love and not pretend!

You can take people by the hand and say it’s going to be alright!  We have to stop all this talking and let our light shine not also deflect our humanness by thinking loving on people someone how is a weakness.  So being mean-spirited is advocated as a shield of toughness, instead of love…As if you love is a sign that you can’t be firm! But ignorance flows in this manner.

God is love and we should always  extend  love with  compassion! I learned this from being around loveless and cruel people … Relationships are not HARD…IT’S THE WRONG PEOPLE THAT MAKE IT DIFFICULT!



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I got the NBC  News feed on yesterday regarding a  child that lives in the Belmont Cragin area of Chicago.  Lucas “Bear’ Cervone who is battling and incurable cancer… All he wants is Birthday cards!  I though just maybe readers could not only do this for Lucas but please be mindful that some children are ill. I am a supporter of St. Jude Children’s Hospital, who takes care of sick children with no cost involved. .

Lucas’s story brought me to tears because when someone who is ill and especially a child it takes it toll on the human heart. You can’t imagine the heartache and the stress! For his 6th Birthday, May 7th…his parents would like for people to send him cards!

Lets also send Lucas and his family prayers, and support. This could be anyone’s family!

Thank you! 

Lucas Bear Heroes or Lucas Bear
40 East Chicago Avenue., No. 162,  Chicago, Illinois 60611



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I came outside and someone said…”Oh I didn’t know you were Puerto Rican?… Wow! Does it matter?   For the oddest reasons, when I am asked where did I come from I get terribly offended?   I am asked this by many African-Americans. As If I  hatched on my own.  

I got to have just enough “Sista” with most African-Americans to make the color grade. The King’s English is still bothersome for those who believe that being a hood rat takes precedence and reign supreme to being “black! OH SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!

 For certain color has African-Americans messed up too! What one think is the   typical stereotypic or racial slur! Being called Taco Bell or  Ms. Burrito… are not the nicest things to say.  Although we know what they mean but its the negative connotations behind them  what makes it nasty in taste!

 I’d go someplace in certain parts of Chicago and I am  told to go either on the East side of Chicago or Little Village. This is where most of the many of Hispanic community vibes… I am led to the “brown community”. 

In the 21st century racism is alive and well  and any race can be prejudice. Yes, I heard the nonsense that African-Americans are NOT racist…and I know this is one of the biggest lies ever told!  In fact, I have more encounters with racism within than outside!

We seem to ban truth…when it comes to what freedom of speech is. Although you have the freedom to say what you want but still as sense of common courtesy to yourselves and others we should be careful about what comes out of our mouths.  And I know how to decipher is a person is using it in its proper context than a racial slur by naming me … after a taco! Same, same…but we fail to see the hatefulness in making statements like that! If the term Ms. Watermelon was applied to African-American… then they call these pompous black leaders  to tell how much has been violated. Although they would be correct but it’s somewhat hypocritical to call someone a “cracker”…which is also a racial slur!

I have seen racism at its peak in all arenas,  including police brutality, and from people from other countries who migrate here  and start businesses and got the litigated gall to be racists!  

I was taught if you didn’t have anything good to say don’t say one word! I can’t guess what happens in your homes growing up where racism is taught. Yes, people do see color… Come on! We are different but the slight is there are stereotypes about different races. The word  Negro in Spanish means black. How  The N’ word isn’t the openly derogatory remarks I have heard out  people’s mouths and they think nothing of it! People are too afraid to talk race within a serious open dialogue. Blacks are not the only one who experiences racism… Us mixed folks catch hell! Anything can be taken out of context still one must discern when someone is coming for you even if you are labeled in any negative fashion!  Saying hateful things to degrade anyone should be a problem but it isn’t.  There  is this one who makes all kinds of hateful statements and he now running for President.

It doesn’t bother this nation enough to put a clamp on the racial disharmony no matter where it comes from!  One minute words are wrong it depends on who can afford to say them…The next minute it’s right because they  are used as terms of endearment! We can’t win until we as whole decides what is done in  poor taste…and being named after Mexican food is just as poor taste being labeled a N…..!



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You know I am not a lost for words what is “Glorified” in this country like violence and our way of dealing with conflict. One minute we praise peace  in our actions we tell the world just strike, fight and kill!

I respect poetic license but at what expense I respect a high road even when you are dealing with a toad!

Advocating him and Becky isn’t going to make you feel better even if you thought he really loves you!  Maybe God will give you Brian while he runs with Becky! All jokes aside a broken heart is a broken heart! Even if you make money selling records about pain… The law still works and lawsuits works even better! Being a mindset that revenge is glamorous. Real life situations can become dangerous because of hurt and betrayal! 

It’s not cute that you have to hit someone, or bust his car windows out or run your mouth that he is sleeping around.  Easy said than done! Putting up with this kind of foolishness is painful and embarrassing!  Who know more than I being pushed to that brink! At times as much as want to keep a calm head… when someone we share our lives with …hurt us! There is a lot of responsibilities that comes with marriage.  I am not going to become a blatant porn star because the idiot can’t keep it in his pants.  I will keep a great divorce lawyer on retainer, spare myself anymore embarrassment because I married  a slut man and thinking I am going to “run the world” by posing and posting myself as a woman scorned. 

The best revenge is to just moving on with someone who will love you instead of pimping your emotions!

Women can alter their boobs and butts forever, a whore will be a whore! If I am altering anything in my life it has to start with the low down spouse! If you stay you stay… Social media leads the gossip and feed so much personal drama with who the “other woman” is …

Lets admit this …when you have a spouse that can respect you and love   you right that’s all that matters!  But the reality is you can be rich, famous and gorgeous and still get messed over!

That’s why GIRL POWER HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SKIN TONE OR THE TEXTURE OF YOUR HAIR.  I advocate change for me FIRST and that rocks from within. Not punching his windows with a baseball bat or hitting him with a brick! Stay focused because I know that who couldn’t love you right or appreciate you…will set you up for the one who can! And you don’t have to do a total makeover trying to keep him! He will take you with ponytails and baseball caps! He will help lose the weight, and he even might bring you a meaty slice of pizza! 

I just told God to give me the wisdom to stay true my conviction. No one seems to be more beauty conscious than women and then it gets more competitive and set this environment we are not good enough unless we alter ourselves!

 Hey!  I am at that age that I am going through the change of life…that’s enough altering!icedtea

Expect the change in  to be just sweet tea and  lemonade. It taste good with the sugar. No matter how health conscious we are sugar has no chemicals…I love sweet tea and lemonade without all the ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS! Add lemon even to ice tea off centers so much sugar but it creates balance! Too much sugar keeps you believing nothing bad can ever happens!

 Think about life that same way! Even the bitterness we can alter it tastes naturally and without all the superficial ingredients! Take the bitter with the sweet is all I am saying… it will work out just fine!



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It’s almost sick that so many overlook what goes on all because he is the pastor.  People follow the charade. He is deemed in the public eye  as this great person until a darker side is shown.

Even then, the ignoramuses act like being an abuser, crook and this mere oversight that it’s a rites of passage is to have dip offs within the church is normal.  The “Pastor “I guess preaches the gospel and then beat the hell out you is shameful but acceptable because parishioner sit in the midst of these so-called spirit filled sissies. All of his “heads” are swollen. And then the “god complex” begins!

Age has nothing to do with when a leader is immature… I have seen this so many times … that men like this  lead  women on to think that they are the one when he has no good intentions of dealing with her this sets rivalry and divisiveness among the silly women! This is  apart of  flattery and ego. The love the adornment that woman are fawning over them and he can look like KING KONG… He  sets the atmosphere for abusive to happen whether it’s him or the women that want him!

 So  it’s then she latches on to someone who wont validate her sanity but set  abusive behavior  in motion instead!  That is why maturity, accountability and being responsible should be apart of any leaders character! When its absent you see the jealousy 10 times stronger because they are not chosen! 

The fool women are flattered that pastor paid them some attention instead of getting rid of  this joker and tossing him out on his you know what! He  he held as the “stud” .  Until either two things occur… Either he comes up dead, or  someone who he abused! 

When the church is made up of mostly women it’s already a desperate competition because of the addiction to being seen as a power trophy. I try  not to vomit when I see the craziness but this is what’s happening if the pastor is single or married!

I have seen women married  full of the same jealous rage and still there is cattiness and envy  among the women folk! I agree its sound so stupid but guess what it goes on! When single pastor has a “maim love” don’t think people don’t talk and sabotage to destroy her including his inner circle that sets this kind of messiness in motion. He is clueless and all smiles he adored until he meets the lists of the church nut jobs vying to be the first lady.

 And often times no offense  “men are so simple”  and it become so deadly with  the bickering and jealousy it sets the atmosphere for something he never saw coming…He is being a man!  

The pastor needs to be little more discipline and walk in another level of self-control. Today the behavior to be adored even if they look and not touch is the mentality. Boundaries don’t have to be crossed because they were “never” set.  God never wants this pitiful behavior to go on. Lucifer was also charming but deadly!  Idol worshiping in this form always proven deadly.  

I know some of the most saddening stories is to hear when someone is in love with someone who abuses them. Whether its mental, or physical you got to know when someone is just bad for you! When the love is one-sided you are already at a loss. People play with hearts is and has always been a dangerous game. I have heard women say, she can get him together… I say go for it. If his transformation none worthy enough to a committed relationship without the added abuse.  LEAVE!  

There is nothing God can’t replace…some people aren’t worth loving.  Some men like to fight and then make up!  I don’t think I need to fight to see love! I don’t think I need a right hook to my dome and I am more in love. He may not have started that way but it always end tragically. There are some sick men and especially  if a Pastor is popular. His secrets are hidden instead of asking the brother to get some help and stand up with  the one he has abused. Sorry folks it hardly ever goes like that. Star athletes can be beat one to death, the public finds a way and make him the victim and the one that charges him the villain! Sadly, you can abuse or rape women if you got money people tend to overlook that one thing! I am appalled how so many go along with this nonsense but the do! Domestic violence among religious leaders are never talked about but swept under the rug …until the victim has had enough and he is going to see the king…What kind is another question!  

That’s if you can see after he has placed numerous knots on your head. I shared with someone I think whats even more tragic when someone is so desperate that they stay with people who could care less about love and they stay anyway! So many reasons why married women stay in domestic violence situations as if the woman is single! 

Pastor Brandon Parker,  of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia was murdered by his girlfriend outside of her home. Another alleged history of being domestically inclined can back to haunt  him! Parker is said to be the late singer Otis Redding grandson. The shocker that there was an alleged history about him being abusive. And because he was deem a “blatant star” in the county maybe he lacked being respectful toward women is why we are here again! Women will get tired and playing with a female’s emotion isn’t going to win  you stud of the year…but either a tag on your toe or in court! 

My point has already been given!

The history didn’t lie people did…Just like star athletes of yesterday who was known to beat a woman down, you have yet to hear those who say anything. They are somehow heroes! It is this warped behavior and thinking that keeps women behind bars for settling the score!  Pastors abuse spiritual authority all the time but who is going to rock the boat.  I will!  I know too much garbage go on in the church house. It’s a gossip Peyton Place that wreaks with coming disasters if we don’t start narrowing down on unbecoming behavior even if he or she is a pastor!

Whether he is  a celebrity or someone who is public figure every one seems to overlook that they are abusers! They need to be held accountable just like the police! Its terrible when we have become so desperate to call someone pastor even if he is dirty what in the world can he give to the world if he has no level of God in him. Being respected by man and that can come with anything. I ask every leader DOES GOD REALLY LIKE YOU ?   OR LETS GO FURTHER…DOES HE RESPECTS YOU?

Our prayers and condolences  for the church  and the families in the midst of the confusion and chaos. Let there be peace!