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There is nothing like braggart saying…they have a great job but never works! Yet, many say they go to work everyday and get free pay checks. I have never seen so many “lazy” folks in my life. And get quite angry when they are called out about not working. I believe in speaking with people who take their jobs seriously. I don’t feel sorry for people who spend years getting paid for a job they fail to do. I do understand when local and state government have to halt spending.

How many get “welfare checks” without going into a state agency? They parlay doing absolutely nothing all day as if laziness is that of the norm! They are last to get to work and the first to leave on time!

We really need to get our obligations together. People suffer as it is and then there is the mind of game of being depending on others to serve you and got a darn attitude about it! God forbid if they service the public serving and angry and still got a job!

Unfortunately, I do understand some state cuts because of all the frivolous time and spending Illinois has catered to for years! City workers are no different the waste of time and money but get paid anyway! When will our people take responsibility for years of abuse state, city and counties!  More and more some people have loyalty to their jobs not because they do them but it makes them lazier!  

I almost frightened even in the medical profession the bad attitudes when they have to work for real… As if your presence annoys them! We can established some good budget strategies  if we just get rid of all the lazy workers and slackers! The ones that wont miss a day of work because they aren’t working anyway and its the best gig in town.

We need to really assess what we call gainfully employed! Leaving out there doesn’t necessarily means that they are welfare recipients of another kind!

It’s time we reevaluate our priorities in the nation and in our cities. Times are getting more difficult and who is honestly paying for services we don’t get anyway!