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Have you ever warned someone about something and  what you said fell on deaf hearts and deaf ears and the end results are more damaging than you realize?  Although, they see all the signs to go in another direction but need continual confirmation from God.  Ignoring God because it’s in a direction they don’t want to go!  (Read the story of Jonah). A danger zone …. Jonah arrives in stinking situations because he does what he wans and justifies it! When you are disobedient you are in a posture of being rebellious! 

How one bad decision has effected everyone one every level and what you had to do is simple but did it your way? Many of us have been here if we were really honest about.  Sadly, I have seen so many stories that end with tragically because of hard heads and disobedience.

I ask God to make careful of what I am asking for.  I have seen God block people, places and things because they weren’t good for me. I seen God remove safety nets because you become to stagnated and hindered because of dependency.  Certain things God has to bring sudden death because of the bad influences they may have on your life and you fail to recognize it!  In our hearts we know when it time to let it go but we hang on to the bad stuff anyway! God will bring supernatural production and progress by allowing us to make better decisions about things that may corrupt his promises… by bad decisions.

I have heard people ignorantly say God bless me with this big house…and then in the same breath complain because they can’t keep the house up.  For one …the big house requires big maintenance.  People go buy expensive vehicles but the tune ups are astronomical. We ask God for  this or that and feel as if ou don’t have to do a  thing. Something is wrong when we fail to teach a time to change even in the church house! Honestly there is no place in the bible that we have to sit in the same position forever… we just have a hard time saying either good-bye or letting go! What you did a 20 may vary incredibly at 40.  You got to know when its time to pass the baton for the next level. 

Often we can’t move on being in familiar spaces although God desires to take us higher…We can’t see it… because we are holding on to yesterdays manner! When God changes seasons in our lives it’s scary because of the unknown!  That’s call FAITH…. We can preach and talk about to others until it happens… you are now face with being the change. Its difficult and the danger of rationalizing brings that much more trouble. Does Jonah sound familiar in our lives. Ignoring the voice of God can put us in places we don’t want to be . Nothing will work until we make it right with God and  the others who we hurt by poor decisions.

What God has for me I don’t want to abort the promise based on doubts, indecisiveness, fleshly desires  and bad decisions. The enemy gets in your head when you allow him to let you choose bad chooses on emotions. People wont teach that God will make you so uncomfortable to make you move.  The sad part the lack of teaching about moving on has nothing to do with loyalty to fleshly things but God has to often intervene strongly to get your attention that it’s time …to go to the next level and it will be without the safety blankets in your life…

I had come to realize it isn’t the people who hold on it’s often the person who can’t let go. In other words “parents” are more of afraid of change when a child has to grow up. It’s not always the child who is holding on to their parents… When fear hinders the change for better…Life moves in!  Sometimes “self” and  will, fear and doubt  is in God’s way of  growth and progression for your destiny! Holding on the very things that might need to die, so you can continue to live in God’s best! You got to know that you are” the storm on the ship.”

Sometimes parenting in overdrive can hold people hostage from the changes.   Which hinders God’s best, so they welcome spiritual death by being now more of the problem than the solution. Everything then abort itself because it knows the term limits  because this segment and part of your life is now in the posture of change 

You can’t run neither can you hide…a process will push you out of the nest even when you refuse to fly , although you are NOW in the belly of a fish!